Order / Quotation

  1. Q1How do I read your catalogs?


    Please click on "How to use" on the main page of MISUMI website to view more information on using our online eCatalog. You may refer to the front pages of our paper Catalogs on how to use the hard copy version. For further information, please contact our Customer Service Team at 0124-468-8800.

  2. Q2Once I’ve placed the order, can I make any changes?


    You cannot make changes on the WOS once you have completed your order. If you need to make changes, please prepare the order number and contact our Customer Service Team at cs@misumi.co.in.

  3. Q3What if I go to "Order Now" to place an order and there is an error?


    If you encounter an error message during your order, tick "Request MISUMI to check and resolve this record" and click on "Next" to request for help from MISUMI’s Customer Service Team.

    Our Customer Service Team (cs@misumi.co.in) will look for a solution and contact you as soon as we have an answer.

  4. Q4How do I locate a quote or order that I've already completed?


    To look up a previous order or quote, you can click on ‘Order History’ or ‘Quote History’ icons. Enter your search criteria and click "Search". On the results page, click on the order number you want to see.

  5. Q5If I've searched the part numbers and added them to the cart, can I place an order?


    Yes. Click on the “Order” button to proceed with your order. If you need a quotation, you can click on “Quote”.

  6. Q6What should I do if I want to order fewer parts than I quoted?


    Once you’re ready to proceed with an order from a quote, please ‘check / tick’ the items you would like to order. The ‘unchecked / unticked’ items will not be ordered.

  7. Q7I’ve requested for a quotation and the part number shows up in red. What does this mean?


    There is an error with the part number. You can either
    1. Refer to the error message to correct your part number,
    2. Refer to the Part Number Suggestion to correct the part number, or
    3. Click on "Click here for eCatalog page" link to view the product information to correct the part number.

    If you don’t know what the error is, kindly contact Customer Service Team (cs@misumi.co.in) for further assistance.

  8. Q8I would like to request for printed catalogs. Can I do this on the MISUMI website?


    Yes, you can request for printed catalogs on https://in.misumi-ec.com/asia/CatalogRequest.html

  9. Q9Can I view eCatalog page of my item from the Quote / Order screen?


    When you begin a quote / ordering process, should you leave the ordering system before the quote / order has been completed, you may risk losing your quotation / order.

  10. Q10Where do you enter a shipping account number, if available?


    We do not have a function for entering a shipping account number.
    Please contact our Customer Service Team (cs@misumi.co.in) for further assistance.

  11. Q11Does the site suggest parts based on others which are in the order?


    No. While entering your part numbers, the field may auto-suggest part numbers closest to your part number. The ordering system will not suggest part numbers based on their category.

  12. Q12What if you need more than one quantity quoted at one time?


    We suggest that you create multiple quotes if you are checking for a quantity price break on a specific part.

  13. Q13What payment methods are accepted?


    For customers based in India, we accept cash-on-delivery (COD) or cheque payment.
    For customers not in based in India, we accept TT remittance. Kindly note that bank charges for both sides shall be borne by the payer.

  14. Q15Can I order an item not listed in your Catalogs?


    If you want our product in a size/version not listed in our Catalogs, please send us a request with the necessary information (e.g. item, quantity, special requirements, drawings, etc.) so we can check and advise if it is available. You may also contact our Customer Service Team (cs@misumi.co.in) for assistance.

  15. Q16I have a part number from another manufacturer. Can you cross-reference it?


    Kindly contact our Sales Representatives or Customer Service Team (cs@misumi.co.in) for assistance.

  16. Q17How long does it take to get a quote?


    We usually send you a quote on the same day (or get back to you with information if there is a problem) for standard MISUMI items. For special items, allow at least 24 hours for a quote to be prepared. Note that requests received after our business hours (Monday to Saturday (9:00AM to 5:30PM; Order Cut-off time: 4:45PM)) will not be processed until the following working day.

  17. Q18How do I request a quote online?


    Please go to MISUMI website and log in with your Login ID and password. You can then click on "Quote / Order" icon and click on either "Quote" or "Order" button to start your ordering process on our Web Ordering System.

  18. Q19How do I place an order? Is there a special form to use?


    Please go to MISUMI website and log in with your Login ID and password. You can then click on "Place an order" icon to start your ordering process on our Web Ordering System.

  19. Q20I did not get an SO Confirmation for my order. How can I make sure that my order has been processed?


    You should receive your SO Confirmation on the same day, if your PO number is received during our business hours. If you do not get your SO Confirmation the same day, please contact Customer Service Team (cs@misumi.co.in). DO NOT send your order again to avoid duplicate orders.

  20. Q21I configured the part numbers on your site, but the quotation says they are incorrect part numbers.


    If you are using the numbers used in the CAD file you downloaded, (E.g. SFJ10_120 or MISUMI_lsrc_r40) replace "_" with "-“. The phrase "MISUMI_" should also be deleted (E.g. SFJ10-120 or LSRC-R40). We advise that you save the correct part numbers that you configure in "My Components" to avoid these mistakes, rather than saving the part numbers in your CAD application software.