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Catches(Attraction Plate Surface Material:Plastic)

The door catch is an important component in the machine used to hold the machine door. There are many types of doors catch such as Latch, mechanical catch, magnetic catch, and electromagnetic catch. That uses electric power to control the force of holding the door. In addition, it can also check the situation of opening and closing the door from the electrical signal of the sensor as well. In automatic machinery, systems are often used in machine safety systems. The equipment of the machine will not be able to work. while the machine door is open for the safety of operators The holding force of the door stopper should be considered appropriate to the size, weight, and strength of the door. If the clamping force is too light It may not hold the door. But if the clamping force is too much, it will make it difficult to open or cause the result in damage to the door while opening.
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    Resin Catches

    Resin Catches


    [Features]·An effective catch for small doors. [Material]·Resin.

    CAD :
    2D / 3D
    From: ₹ 26.79
    Days to Ship: 6 Day(s) or more
    day to ship 6 Day(s) or more
Product Series
Days to Ship
Retaining Force(N)
Length L(mm)
Mounting Hole Dia. D(mm)
Body Material
Magnet Type Category
Width W(mm)
Magnet Square Mounting Surface
Mounting Method
Catch Plate
Operating Environment
Main Body Surface Treatment
Attraction Plate Surface Material
Attraction Plate Surface Treatment
Magnet Material
Magnet Surface Treatment

    You can add up to 6 items per a category to the compare list.

    Resin Catches


      Product Series

      Resin Catches

      • 2D / 3D

      ₹ 26.79

      Days to Ship 6 Day(s) or more
      TypeClip Type
      Retaining Force(N)12.75 ~ 22.56
      Length L(mm)24 ~ 26
      Mounting Hole Dia. D(mm)2.5 ~ 3.3
      Body MaterialPlastic
      Magnet Type CategoryOthers
      Width W(mm)7.5
      Magnet Square Mounting Surface-
      Mounting MethodSurfacing
      Catch Plate-
      Operating EnvironmentStandard
      Main Body Surface TreatmentNot Provided
      Attraction Plate Surface MaterialPlastic
      Attraction Plate Surface TreatmentNot Provided
      Magnet Material-
      Magnet Surface Treatment-


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