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Product Series
Days to Ship
Product Category
Plier Type
Plier Type
Nipper Type
Overall Length(mm)
With or without Spring
Steel Wire Cutting Performance(φ/mm)
Copper Wire Cutting Performance(φ/mm)
Piano Wire Cutting Performance(φ/mm)
Plastic Cutting Performance(φ/mm)
Stranded Wire Cutting Ability(φ/mm)
Stainless steel cutting ability(φ/mm)
VA (VVF) Wire Cutting Capacity(φ/mm)
With/without tip claw replacement function
Tip claw diameter(mm)
Compatible Ring Size(mm)
Parts Type

    Snap Ring Pliers PZ-10 to 14

      (Merry) Spare Spring for Pliers/Nippers




      Product Series

      Snap Ring Pliers PZ-10 to 14

      (Merry) Spare Spring for Pliers/Nippers【5-10 Pieces Per Package】

      Days to Ship 9 Day(s) or more 5 Day(s) or more
      Product CategoryPartsParts
      Plier Type--
      Plier Type--
      Nipper Type--
      Overall Length(mm)--
      With or without Spring-NA
      Steel Wire Cutting Performance(φ/mm)--
      Copper Wire Cutting Performance(φ/mm)--
      Piano Wire Cutting Performance(φ/mm)--
      Plastic Cutting Performance(φ/mm)--
      Stranded Wire Cutting Ability(φ/mm)--
      Stainless steel cutting ability(φ/mm)--
      VA (VVF) Wire Cutting Capacity(φ/mm)--
      With/without tip claw replacement function--
      Tip claw diameter(mm)--
      Compatible Ring Size(mm)--
      Parts TypeSpringSpring


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