Torque Wrenches(Torque adjustment range:8~38)

Various items such as L type wrench / T type wrench / impact socket / manual socket / knife type are available.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Product Type
Torque adjustment range(N·m)
Two-plane dimensions(mm)
Insertion Angle(mm)
Minimum graduation(N·m)
Head Replaceable
Replaceable Head Type
Overall Length(mm)
Load direction
Torque Precision(±%)
Head width(mm)

    TCSK Powered Torque Wrench (Cable), N-SPK-SWPM Type



    Product Series

    TCSK Powered Torque Wrench (Cable), N-SPK-SWPM Type

    Days to Ship 41 Day(s) or more
    Product Type-
    Torque adjustment range(N·m)8~38
    Two-plane dimensions(mm)10 ~ 32
    Insertion Angle(mm)-
    Minimum graduation(N·m)-
    Head Replaceable-
    Replaceable Head Type-
    Overall Length(mm)-
    Load direction-
    Torque Precision(±%)-
    Head width(mm)-


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