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IEEE1284 Half Pitch Connector Harness (Generic) (ZHSHPT-H-50-3)

IEEE1284 Half Pitch Connector Harness (Generic) (ZHSHPT-H-50-3)
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● Uses a connector used in servo amps.
● Connector adopted is highly reliable, and made-in-Japan (made by Hirose Electric Co., Ltd.).
● Uses a Misumi original cable developed with the environment in mind.
● A rapid delivery model limited to popular lengths / numbers of cores.

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(Same Specifications as B Cable. The connectors and hoods are not listed in the catalog.)

Product Description

We specialize in popular cores lengths and quantities


IEEE1284 Half Pitch Connector Harness (Generic):Related Image

Connector TypeShape Specification TypeOutline Image DrawingNumber of
Specified Length

Hirose Electric Co., Ltd
IEEE1284 Half Pitch Connector Harness (Generic):Related Image200.5



(Male / Male)
IEEE1284 Half Pitch Connector Harness (Generic):Related Image20

More Information

Specified Length (m)~ 0.91 ~ 3
* The tolerance of the specified length is as described above.
Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to ShipRoHSCN2 Number Of Cores Specified length

₹ 4,708.33

1 Piece(s) 6 Day(s) or more 10Cut off503


  1. 1

Compatible Manufacturers and Series Names

Manufacturer Name Series Name
Hirose Electric Co., Ltd. DXM (Note)
Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd. TX10
Honda Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd. NPC
Fujitsu Limited 240R Type
Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd. NCS/NCP

(Note) Please note that these are not compatible with the DX Series by Hirose Electric Co., Ltd.

Contact Arrangement Diagram

Connector x Hood Combination Table

EMI Countermeasure Plastic Hood One-touch Lock EMI Countermeasure Metal Hood One-touch Lock EMI Countermeasure Plastic Hood Screw Fastening General-purpose Plastic Hood Screw Fastening General-purpose Plastic Hood One-touch Lock
103** -3210-00 103** -A200-00 103** -52S0-00S 103** -52A0-008 103** -52F0-008
Male Pressure Welding Type Connector 101** -6000EL ○ (Except 68-core) ○ (Except 68-core) ○ (Except 68-core)
Female Solder Type Connector 101** -3000PE x x
Pressure Welding Type Panel Mount 102** -0200EL x x x x x

○ = Combination available x = Combination unavailable

・Connectors can be coupled if they have the same core numbers and are a combination of male <--> female.

Compatible Wire

Type AWG
Pressure Welding Type Male Connector AWG28 stranded wires or 0.08 mm2 stranded wires (Coating OD 0.70 mm or less) and navy fixed type cables can be used.
* Flat cables cannot be used. (Note)
Solder Type Male Connector AWG24 ~ 30 or 0.2 mm2 ~ 0.05 mm2 (Flat cables cannot be used.)* Pay attention to the finished OD of the cables.
Pressure Welding Type Panel Mount (Female) AWG28 or 0.08 mm2, 1.27 mm Pitch Flat Cables (Loose wires cannot be used.)*


Item Specification Conditions
Current 0.5 A or less Allowable current between coupled contacts
Voltage 150 VAC / 200 VDC or less Refers to the maximum DC or AC voltage (effective value) that can be continuously applied under the rated ambient temperature
Ambient Temperature -55°C ~ +85°C Refers to the temperature range that can be used continuously under maximum load conditions

Electrical Properties

Item Characteristics Conditions
Contact Resistance Initial value of 35 mΩ or less
For contact after mechanical testing or environmental testing increased resistance value must be 25 mΩ or less
Includes bulk resistance of contacts. 1.5 mA resistance measured current and 20 mV release voltage based on the voltage-drop testing method.
(Based on combination with half pitch connectors by Sumitomo 3M)
Insulation Resistance 500 MΩ or more Apply 500 VDC between the adjoining contacts and measure the resistance after 1 min.
Voltage Resistance No arc dielectric breakdown Apply 500 VAC between the adjoining contacts for 1 min.
Leakage current is 1 mA at the time of measurement.

Mechanical Properties

Item Characteristics Conditions
Contact Retention Force 1 kg or more
(Pressure welding type panel mount is 0.8 kg or more)
Measure the contact retention force when tension is applied at the speed of 5 mm / min between the connector body and the installed contact.
Insertion and Extraction Force Per Single Pole ・ Insertion Force: 150 g or less
/ Extraction Force: 40 g or more
The total insertion / removal force for plug / panel mount insertion / removal applied to a single pole is adopted as the single-pole insertion / removal force. (Based on combination with plugs by Sumitomo 3M) Insertion / Extraction speed is 5 mm / min.
Vibration Test 1) 1 μsec or less instantaneous disconnection
2) Meets electrical & mechanical properties
10 ~ 55 HZ, insertion & extraction for 1 min, 1.52 mm amplitude or 10 G in XYZ directions for 2 hours each
Impact Test 1) 1 μsec or less instantaneous disconnection
2) Meets electrical & mechanical properties
50 G, 11 msec XYZ directions, 3 times each (18 times total)
Solvent Resistance 1) Indication is clear
2) Meets the electrical & mechanical properties
3 min of ultrasonic cleaning in Freon 1-1-1 Trichloroethane solvent
Durability 1) Meets the electrical & mechanical properties
However, initial values at insertion and extraction must be ±20%
50 times of insertion and extraction (Speed at 360 ~ 600 times / hr.)

Environmental Resistance Properties

Item Test Conditions Standards Compliance
Humidity Test 10 Cycles (-10°C ~ +65°C, 95% RH) MIL-STD-202E106D
Salt Spray Test 35°C, 5% concentration, 48 hr. MIL-STD-202E101D
Thermal Shock Test 5 Cycles of -55°C --> +25°C --> +85°C --> +25°C MIL-STD-202E107D
Humidity Test (Regulated Temperature) 40°C, 95% RH, 96 hr. MIL-STD-202E103D
High Temperature Life Test 85°C, 1,000 hr., rated current x 110% rated current MIL-STD-202E108D
H2S Gas Concentration 3±1 PPM, 40°C, 70 ~ 85% RH, 96 hr. JEIDA-25-1974 (Except for Solder Plug)

Basic Information

Connector type IEEE Connector manufacturer Hirose Electric Group Connector Shape Straight
Cable shape Circular Hood EMI-compatible plastic CN1 Male
Cable rated voltage(V) 30 Shield 2 Layer Cable standard (UL/CSA) UL
Cable color Navy Twisted pair Included AWG 28