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Economy Aluminium Profiles

Looking for sturdy, versatile, and rust-resistant framing solution for your projects? Look no further than MISUMI India's premium range of Aluminium Profiles.

As a premier supplier in the industry, we offer top-notch aluminum frames that revolutionize the way you build. Our economy series aluminum profiles/frames, are engineered to perfection, eliminating the need for welding. This means you can say goodbye to the hassle of welding equipment and enjoy seamless assembly processes. Whether you're a seasoned professional, our profiles are designed for easy assembly, allowing for swift design changes without compromising on quality.

Extrusion Series

MISUMI, European Standard, Aluminum Frame, LCF 20 Series, (Groove Width: 6 mm)

MISUMI, European Standard, Aluminum Frame, 30/40/60 Series, (Groove Width: 8 mm)

MISUMI, European Standard, Aluminum Frame, 40/45/50 Series, (Groove Width: 10 mm)

Applicable Industries


aluminium profile use in Automotive


aluminium profile use in Construction


aluminium profile use in furniture

Machinery and Equipments

aluminium profile use in Machinery and Equipments


aluminium profile use in medical

Racks and Shelves

aluminium profile use in racks and shelves