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Retainers are one of a component in a press die mold. It is used for setting the location for a punch. This part can be selected based on many product specifications for example materials (SCM440 and S45C), Application for punch shape for example round punch, shaped punch, heavy load round and shaped punch etc., and type consist of NC compatible with single/double fixing bolt and punch-to-die alignment with single/double fixing bolt. Moreover, you can select by a set product or individual components like only backing plates and keys and others. The recommended brand for a retainer is “MISUMI”, all of these products provided 3D CAD files for checking the appearance, dimension and position before installation. Currently, retainers are offered in a total of 14 items.Retainers from MISUMI are free delivery and with no minimum order, so if you have any questions about product selection or any concerned points, we have specialists to support any inquiries.