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Domed (Acorn) Nuts(Page2)

Category page for Cap Nuts. For MISUMI, you can select from nominal, type of material and type of surface processing. A range of products are handled, from regular metric thread types through imperial thread types.
In addition to general cap nuts, there are also serrated types, disc spring types, and friction types for preventing screws from loosening.
[Cap Nuts]
Cap nuts are hexagonal nuts closed on one side, so the threaded hole does not extend the whole length. This prevents bolts from sticking out, giving a beautiful appearance and preventing issues caused by snagging on protruding bolts.
These are sometimes called "cosmetic nuts" because they improve appearance and enhance safety. However, since one end of the nut part is blocked, one must consider the length of the thread relative to the bolt length to be used.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Nominal of Thread (M)
Surface Treatment
Thread Type
Applications, Functions
Sales Unit
Nominal of Thread (inch)
Surface Treatment (Details)
Hex Nut Type
Locking Details

    E-LOCK (Flange Nut Type with Cap)

      U Nut With Cap

        Stainless Steel Cap Nut

          Cap Nut

            Cap Nut, Iron / Stainless Steel







            Product Series

            E-LOCK (Flange Nut Type with Cap)【1-800 Pieces Per Package】

            U Nut With Cap【1-300 Pieces Per Package】

            Stainless Steel Cap Nut【5-20 Pieces Per Package】

            Cap Nut【5-50 Pieces Per Package】

            Cap Nut, Iron / Stainless Steel【2-90 Pieces Per Package】

            Days to Ship 8 Day(s) or more 8 Day(s) or more 11 Day(s) or more 11 Day(s) or more 12 Day(s) or more
            Nominal of Thread (M)4 ~ 12123 ~ 163 ~ 163 ~ 20
            MaterialStainless Steel ~ SteelSteelStainless SteelSteelStainless Steel ~ Steel
            Surface TreatmentTrivalent ChromateTrivalent Chromate / Bright Chrome Plating / Chromate Plating-Not ProvidedTrivalent Chromate / Chrome Plating
            Thread TypeMetric, Coarse----
            Applications, FunctionsLockLock---
            Sales UnitLow Quantity (Available beginning with 1 pc.) ~ Box, Pkg.Low Quantity (Available beginning with 1 pc.) ~ Box, Pkg.Box, Pkg.Box, Pkg.Box, Pkg.
            Nominal of Thread (inch)---1/2 ~ 5/16-
            Surface Treatment (Details)Trivalent ChromateTrivalent Chromate / Bright Chrome Plating / Chromate Plating---
            Hex Nut Type-----
            Locking DetailsFriction NutFriction Nut---


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