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Self-Drill Screws(Detailed Shape:Low Head)

This is a category page for drill screws. Misumi handles nominal of 3 to 8 and length of 8 to 230 mm. We offer products with 11 types of head shape and 14 types of surface processing.

Easily selected and ordered from mounting hole shape, material, delivery date etc.
[What is a drill screw?]
It is a screw with a tip that has a cutting edge or sharp shape, which enables it to drill the foundation, perform female threading and tighten. It has a high retention force compared to a nail, and it does not loosen even in long-term use.
It is a fastening part with the highest workability, cost and reliability that's used in construction, housing, etc.
Days to Ship
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  • 6 Day(s) or Less
  • 7 Day(s) or Less
  • 8 Day(s) or Less
  • 11 Day(s) or Less
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Thread Nominal (M)
Length L (mm)
Detailed Shape
Mounting Hole Shape
Basic Shape
Surface Treatment
Thread Type
Tip Shape
Additional Shape
Sales Unit

    Pias Mini Washer Long Mini Point Screw for Thin Plate

      Pias Eleven Wafer Screw

        Pias Eleven Mini Washer Screw

          Low Head Drill Screw


          KYUHI SEIRA

          KYUHI SEIRA

          KYUHI SEIRA


          Product Series

          Pias Mini Washer Long Mini Point Screw for Thin Plate【1-1,000 Pieces Per Package】

          Pias Eleven Wafer Screw【1-800 Pieces Per Package】

          Pias Eleven Mini Washer Screw【1-1,000 Pieces Per Package】

          Low Head Drill Screw【4-6 Pieces Per Package】

          Days to Ship 11 Day(s) or more 12 Day(s) or more 12 Day(s) or more 8 Day(s) or more
          Thread Nominal (M)44.2 ~ 4.84.25
          Length L (mm)13131316 ~ 45
          Detailed ShapeLow HeadLow HeadLow HeadLow Head
          Mounting Hole ShapeCross RecessedCross RecessedCross RecessedCross Recessed
          Basic ShapeStandard (Round)Standard (Round)Standard (Round)Other Screws
          MaterialSteel / StainlessSteel / StainlessSteel / Stainless-
          Surface TreatmentN/A / Trivalent ChromateN/A / Trivalent ChromateN/A / Trivalent Chromate-
          Thread TypeDrill ScrewDrill ScrewDrill Screw-
          Tip ShapeOther Special ShapesOther Special ShapesOther Special Shapes-
          Additional ShapeStandardStandardStandard-
          Sales UnitBulk (Purchasing from 1 pc.) ~ Box / PackageBulk (Purchasing from 1 pc.) ~ Box / PackageBulk (Purchasing from 1 pc.) ~ Box / Package-


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