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Strippers, Reamer Bolts(Mounting Hole Shape:Straight Slot Groove)

Strippers, reamers and shoulder bolts
Bolts with head, cylindrical body and stepped thread.
As it is used for stripper plates, it is called a stripper bolt, as the stepped thread part has a shoulder, it is called a shoulder bolt, and as it has a highly accurate body that can be aligned with a reamer hole to be used for positioning and high load applications, it is also called a reamer bolt.
It is available not only in a number of shapes (size) but also materials, hardness, surface processing, etc.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Nominal of Thread (M)
Length L(mm)
Detailed Shape
Mounting Hole Shape
Basic Shape
Surface Treatment_
Thread Type
Sales Unit
Nominal of Thread (inch)
Length L (inch)(inch)
Strength Class (Steel)
Strength Class (Stainless Steel)
Thread Length E(inch)

    Shoulder Bolt_SBM



    Product Series

    Shoulder Bolt_SBM

    • 2D / 3D
    Days to Ship 6 Day(s) or more
    Nominal of Thread (M)6 ~ 10
    Length L(mm)17 ~ 35
    Detailed Shape-
    Mounting Hole ShapeStraight Slot Groove
    Basic ShapeShoulder, Stepped
    Surface Treatment_Black Oxide
    Thread TypeMetric, Coarse
    Sales UnitLow Quantity (Available beginning with 1 pc.)
    Nominal of Thread (inch)-
    Length L (inch)(inch)-
    Strength Class (Steel)-
    Strength Class (Stainless Steel)-
    Thread Length E(inch)-


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