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Tanks are containers used to store and transport liquids, gases, powders, etc. There are two types of tanks, pressurized tanks and open-top tanks. In addition, there are agitators, drum dolly, small containers, hoppers and shooters, etc. With a pressure tank, it is possible to store, transport and pump the material inside by keeping the pressure inside the container constant and applying pressure. There are many designs that cannot be opened and closed when pressurized. An open-top tank is a container that has space inside the tank in addition to the material. The tank can only be supplied from the installation location to the bottom. In addition, the agitator is a machine used to mix substances, and the drum dolly is a platform truck that has casters and is used to transport the tank. Hopper shooters, also called funnels, are shaped like inverted cones or inverted square pyramids and are used for material input and output.