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Pipe Saddle Clamps(Page4)

Saddle clamps are fittings that fasten to building walls, pillars and floors. They fasten metal pipes used for water or gas line installation, or resin cable conduits for electrical work. Different saddle band models can be selected to match different types, materials and sizes (diameters) of lines to fasten. There are saddle band types suitable for lines made of several different materials. For example, saddle bands made of zinc-plated steel and stainless steel are available for use with SGP carbon steel pipes, and plastic saddle bands for use with VP pipes and resin conduits. Different models can be used in different conditions, such as in areas of narrow pillars or limited fastening space. For example, some models fasten both sides of the line with a pin or screw fastener, while others fasten only one side of the line with a pin or screw fastener. In addition to fastening lines, saddle bands also provide electrical insulation and preserve the aesthetic appearance of exposed lines.
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