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Pipe Supports

Pipe supports are metal fittings for supporting and securing pipes such as pipes, hoses, tubes, etc. Since there are various types and shapes, it is necessary to check the pipe size, application, fixing position, etc. when selecting a product. Pipe hangers include hinged and suspended band types that are screwed into a turnbuckle, and are used for horizontal piping suspended from the ceiling. Pipe stand-off clamps are mainly used for vertical pipes that are secured to vertical walls. The floor mount pipe support can be used not only for securing the horizontal piping to the floor but also for securing the wall-mount of vertical piping. The U-strap is literally a U-shaped band and has bolts at both ends, so it is used together with the support base and the connection bracket to secure the piping. The saddle clamp is a mountain-shaped bracket with holes on both sides for securing directly to the wall. All materials are electro-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized.