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Steel Pipes, Copper Pipes, Stainless Steel Pipes

The pipe is elongated with its exterior made of a relatively rigid material and interior having a cavity, with an opening on at least one side.
Short and hard ones are sometimes called cylinders, elongated and soft ones called hoses, and long and hard ones called pipes. Tubes nowadays are used for containers for specific fluids
[Main Types]
Steel pipe: A class of steel products with tube shape made with rolled steel
Copper pipe: A nonferrous metal pipe made of copper. As it has excellent corrosion resistance, corrosion and rust hardly occur in hot water and water, and corrosion resistance against concrete and soil is also excellent, making it suitable for piping construction and electric construction for air, refrigerant, etc. It is also used as a water supply pipe in Japanese style toilets of under-floor water supply type
Stainless steel pipe: Stainless steel piping is a non-petrochemical piping material with high health safety that does not generate rust or unusual odor due to corrosion or elution of environmental hormone
Resin pipe: Because the synthetic resin pipe is lightweight and flexible, it is easy to cut, join and bend. Particularly, small-diameter pipes are long (rolled), enabling easy and seamless piping