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Regulators can be selected from a wide range of conditions such as piping connection diameter, connection type and operating environment. We introduce various types of regulators with illustrations, including standard type, electro-pneumatic type and those with check valves and filters. Various connection types such as one-touch fitting and screw types are available, allowing you to find the desired regulator. MISUMI offers products for pneumatic circuits from compressors to air cylinders throughout various manufacturers.

[What is a regulator (pressure control valve)?]
A regulator is a part for adjusting the strength of air inside a pneumatic unit. Its basic function is lowering the pressure, but the booster regulator has the function of increasing the pressure. It is often used as an FRL unit, which consists of a filter, regulator, and lubricator. MISUMI offers these parts together as a single product.
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Product Series
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Regulator, Pressure Boosting Valve
Regulator Type
Applicable Fluid
Operating Environment
Exhaust Mechanism
Adverse Current Function
Supply Side, Connection Type
Supply Side, Connection Dia.
Control Side, Connection Type
Control Side, Connection Dia.
Pressure Gauge

    Other Goods We Handle

      Regulator ERV2 series




      Product Series

      Other Goods We Handle

      Regulator ERV2 series

      Days to Ship 23 Day(s) or more 6 Day(s) or more
      Regulator, Pressure Boosting Valve-Regulator
      Regulator Type-Standard
      Applicable Fluid-Air
      Operating Environment-Standard
      Exhaust Mechanism-Provided
      Adverse Current Function-Not Provided
      Supply Side, Connection Type-Rc
      Supply Side, Connection Dia.-1/4
      Control Side, Connection Type-Rc
      Control Side, Connection Dia.-1/4
      Pressure Gauge-With Pressure Gauge


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