Threaded Inserts(Type:Swaged)

Threaded Inserts
These generally have embedded male threads. Coil shapes are inserted with a dedicated tool, press-fit into a collar, or mounted while self-tapping threads.
Choose a shape to suit the application. Some items require dedicated tools.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Screw Type
Screw Dia. M (after insertion)(mm)
Thread Dia. (After inserted), Unified(inch)
Length L (after insertion) (D = Thread Dia. M)
Sales Unit

    Sel Locking Fastener SL (Lock)

      Self Floating Fastener

        Sel Locking Fastener SLN (Non-Lock)


        SEL JAPAN

        SEL JAPAN

        SEL JAPAN

        Product Series

        Sel Locking Fastener SL (Lock)【1,000 Pieces Per Package】

        Self Floating Fastener【1-1,000 Pieces Per Package】

        Sel Locking Fastener SLN (Non-Lock)【1-1,000 Pieces Per Package】

        Days to Ship 6 Day(s) or more 5 Day(s) or more 5 Day(s) or more
        ApplicationLight MetalLight MetalLight Metal
        MaterialStainless Steel (SUS303/304)Steel / Stainless Steel (SUS303/304)Stainless Steel (SUS303/304)
        Screw TypeMetric (Coarse) ThreadMetric (Coarse) ThreadMetric (Coarse) Thread
        Screw Dia. M (after insertion)(mm)3 ~ 43 ~ 43 ~ 4
        Thread Dia. (After inserted), Unified(inch)---
        Length L (after insertion) (D = Thread Dia. M)---
        NotchNot ProvidedNot ProvidedNot Provided
        Sales Unit-Low Quantity (Available beginning with 1 pc.) / Box, Pkg.Low Quantity (Available beginning with 1 pc.) / Box, Pkg.


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