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Slide Door Units(Page3)

Sliding door parts include each part required for installing sliding doors. There are 5 types in general sliding doors: single sliding doors that open along the space provided on the wall, single-track double sliding doors that slide open to both ends, bypass doors that are opened from the left and right sides, pocket sliding doors that go into the space in the wall to open, and sliding bi-fold doors that halve themselves towards one another when opened. They are further classified into 2 types of the bottom guide rail type that grooves or rails are made on the floor and the hanging type that uses upper tracks. Both the bottom guide rail type and the hanging type require rails to slide doors. The bottom guide rail type requires door wheels for a smooth door slide, and the hanging type requires door rollers and tracks to fasten the door with screws, etc., and hang it. In addition, stoppers to reduce the impact generated at door opening/closing, closers to suppress bouncing, air dampers to make doors close slowly and quietly and other various parts are used accordingly.
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