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Product Series
Days to Ship
Product Type
Nominal Dimensions
Nominal Size
Overall Length(mm)
Roughness of grain
Particle Size(#)
Roughness of grain (precision file)
Electrodeposition segment length(mm)
Single Product Set Product

    Assorted Files MG Series

      Ironworking files




      Product Series

      Assorted Files MG Series【5-12 Pieces Per Package】

      Ironworking files

      Days to Ship 6 Day(s) or more 6 Day(s) or more
      TypeAssorted filesironworking files
      Product Type--
      Nominal Dimensions-150 ~ 200
      Nominal Size--
      Overall Length(mm)170 ~ 215195 ~ 255
      Roughness of grainFine / Second cut / CoarseDead-smooth
      Particle Size(#)--
      Roughness of grain (precision file)--
      Electrodeposition segment length(mm)--
      Single Product Set ProductPacked GoodsSingle Item


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