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MISUMI Roll Taps

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Screw size (Nominal)
Screw Types
work material
Pitch (P), Number of Threading(mm)
Tool Material Type
Tap Type
Hole type
Chamfer threads (Lcf)
Coating Type
Coating Y/N
Overall Length (L)(mm)

    TiN Coated High-Speed Steel Roll Tap

    TiN Coated High-Speed Steel Roll Tap
    TiN Coated High-Speed Steel Roll Tap
    TiN Coated High-Speed Steel Roll Tap
    TiN Coated High-Speed Steel Roll Tap


    Product Series

    TiN Coated High-Speed Steel Roll Tap【5 Pieces Per Package】


    ₹ 2,955.24-

    Days to Ship 6 Day(s) or more
    Screw size (Nominal)M3 ~ M10
    Screw TypesMeter
    work materialLow-Carbon Steel (carbon alloy less than 0.25%)[○] / Medium carbon steel (carbon content 0.25 to 0.45%)[○] / High Carbon Steel (C with a content over 0.45%)[○] / Alloy Steel (SCM)[○] / Stainless steel (SUS)[◎] / Copper (Cu)[◎] / Brass (Bs)[◎] / Brass cast iron (BsC)[◎] / Bronze (Pb)[◎] / Aluminum Rolled Material (AL)[◎]
    Pitch (P), Number of Threading(mm)0.5 ~ 1.5
    Tool Material TypeVanadium High-Speed Steel
    Tap TypeRoll tap
    Hole typeFor through hole / For blind hole
    Chamfer threads (Lcf)2P ~ 4P
    Coating TypeTiN
    Coating Y/NAvailable
    Overall Length (L)(mm)46 ~ 75


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