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Electric Screwdrivers(Page2)

Electric screwdrivers are electric tools that can tighten screws and make holes. They are mainly separated into 2 types: drill driver and impact driver. Drill drivers have particularly fast tip part rotational speed, so they can be used as drills in addition to tightening screws by changing the bit. Impact drivers have particularly strong tightening force (torque) and apply impact while turning screws, so they are suitable for driving large volumes of long screws and for tightening wood screws. Both can be used with even greater convenience by changing the bit at the tip part according to the application. Electric screwdrivers can be AC-powered or cordless battery-powered. AC-powered types are supplied with power from an AC outlet, so there is no need to worry about batteries running down and the like, making them suitable for working for long periods of time. Battery-powered types are very portable as they do not have a cord, making them suitable for carrying around and work outdoors.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Output torque(N▪m)
Power Supply(V)
Compatible Screw: Small Screw(mm)
Cord Length(m)
Start Method
Compatible Screw: Tapping Screw(mm)
Rotation Speed(min⁻¹)
Power Consumption(W)
Overall Length(mm)

    Low Voltage DC Type Brushless Screwdriver HBC-200 Series



    Product Series

    Low Voltage DC Type Brushless Screwdriver HBC-200 Series

    Days to Ship 8 Day(s) or more
    Output torque(N▪m)0.02~0.34
    Power Supply(V)-
    Compatible Screw: Small Screw(mm)1.0~2.3
    Cord Length(m)-
    Start MethodLever Start Type
    Compatible Screw: Tapping Screw(mm)1.0~2.0
    Rotation Speed(min⁻¹)-
    Power Consumption(W)25
    Overall Length(mm)182


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