Electric Screwdrivers(Compatible Screw: Small Screw:M1.7~M2.0)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Output torque(N▪m)
Power Supply(V)
Compatible Screw: Small Screw(mm)
Cord Length(m)
Start Method
Compatible Screw: Tapping Screw(mm)
Rotation Speed(min⁻¹)
Power Consumption(W)
Overall Length(mm)

    Electric Screwdriver Accessory: Screw Plate



    Product Series

    Electric Screwdriver Accessory: Screw Plate

    Days to Ship 5 Day(s) or more
    Output torque(N▪m)-
    Power Supply(V)-
    Compatible Screw: Small Screw(mm)M1.7~M2.0
    Cord Length(m)-
    Start Method-
    Compatible Screw: Tapping Screw(mm)-
    Rotation Speed(min⁻¹)-
    Power Consumption(W)-
    Overall Length(mm)-


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