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Freon Recovery Products(Page5)

Refrigerant recovery products are products that recover fluorocarbon gases used in various refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. Refrigerant recovery products include recovery equipment, vacuum pumps, refrigerant recovery cylinders, manifold kits, and automatic charging scales. Since these products cannot recover fluorocarbons individually, it is necessary to prepare some refrigerant recovery products. In addition, since there are different types of fluorocarbon gases, it is necessary to confirm the type of gas to be recovered and to prepare a cylinder for refrigerant recovery according to the amount. In addition, to recycle a fluorocarbon gas, you need to use a recycling machine of the gas together with a recovery machine. After using the refrigerant recovery device, it needs to be cleaned for maintenance, and it is convenient to use a refrigerant recovery system detergent that removes tar, carbon, oil, etc.
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