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Hammers(Head (length):Drilling for 8.5-9.5 mm frame)

A hammer is a basic hand tool that can be used for tapping, hammering, forging, or dismantling. For example tapping during assembling or disassembling a machine, wood furniture assembly or tapping on a sheet of metal, etc. The hammer consists of two main parts: the handle and the hammer head. Each part has a shape and material that is used to produce various structures: round-headed hammer, rubber mallet, brass hammer. Carpenter Crested Hammer Hammer for electrician, pound hammer, flat head hammer, etc. Storage method and the maintenance of tools can be different as well. Therefore, working with a hammer, the shape and size of the tool should be chosen according to the application.
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Product Type
Head (diameter)(mm)
Head (length)(mm)
Overall Length(mm)
Head material
Handle material

    Shiitake mushroom hammer No.36



    Product Series

    Shiitake mushroom hammer No.36

    Days to Ship 12 Day(s) or more
    Product TypeWoodworking Hammer
    Head (diameter)(mm)-
    Head (length)(mm)Drilling for 8.5-9.5 mm frame
    Overall Length(mm)-
    Head material-
    Handle material-


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