Torque Wrenches(Torque adjustment range:3.5 to 17.5)

Various items such as L type wrench / T type wrench / impact socket / manual socket / knife type are available.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Product Type
Torque adjustment range(N·m)
Two-plane dimensions(mm)
Insertion Angle(mm)
Minimum graduation(N·m)
Head Replaceable
Replaceable Head Type
Overall Length(mm)
Load direction
Torque Precision(±%)
Head width(mm)

    9.5 sq. Dial Type Torque Wrench



    Product Series

    9.5 sq. Dial Type Torque Wrench

    Days to Ship 13 Day(s) or more
    Product TypeDial Type
    Torque adjustment range(N·m)3.5 to 17.5
    Two-plane dimensions(mm)-
    Insertion Angle(mm)9.5 sq.
    Minimum graduation(N·m)0.5
    Head Replaceable-
    Replaceable Head Type-
    Overall Length(mm)290
    Load direction-
    Torque Precision(±%)-
    Head width(mm)26


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