Electric Measuring Instruments / Testers(Output: Output voltage:0~80V)

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Product Type
DC Voltage(V)
Alternating Current Voltage(V)
Direct Current Voltage(A)
Alternating Electrical Current(A)
Rated measurement voltage(V/MΩ)
Signal Detection Method
Measurement accuracy
Output: Output current(A)
Output: Output voltage

    Wide Range DC Stabilized Power Supply


    AS ONE

    Product Series

    Wide Range DC Stabilized Power Supply

    Days to Ship 21 Day(s) or more
    Product Type-
    DC Voltage(V)-
    Alternating Current Voltage(V)100-240 (50/60 Hz) Single phase
    Direct Current Voltage(A)-
    Alternating Electrical Current(A)15/7.5(100/200)
    Rated measurement voltage(V/MΩ)-
    Signal Detection Method-
    Width(mm)Approximately 213
    Depth(mm)Approximately 412
    Height(mm)Approximately 145
    Measurement accuracy-
    Output: Output current(A)0~40.5
    Output: Output voltage0~80V


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