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An online store for drill presses. In MISUMI's e-catalog, a large number of drill presses with high workability and easy machining are available. Since it is possible to select from a wide range for every work context, you can easily find the desired drill press.
A wide range of tabletop drill presses, magnetic drill presses and other related products are available. Choose your favorite item from the product shelf, boasting low cost and high quality.
[What is a drill press?]
It is a machine to drill holes, by fixing tip tools such as drills or reamers. Drilling with various diameters and depths becomes possible if the tip tool is changed. Although the machining base materials are diverse, it is mainly used for machining metal (metal mold, etc.).
Although all are called drill presses, there are several types, and by selecting an optimum drill press for each work context (such as tabletop drill presses, upright drill presses, or radial drill presses), more accurate, high quality drilling is possible.
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