Turning Inserts(Pitch (for Threading):3.5~5 )

An online store for inserts (for turning). In MISUMI's e-catalog, specifications/dimensions of brand, shape, application, compatible work materials, etc. can be selected with one click, so you can easily find the desired product.
[What is turning?]
A shape is created by rotating the work material and cutting the surface while pressing the cutting edge. Processing methods can be divided into outer diameter processing, threading, inner diameter processing, and cut-off processing. The model numbers written on the insert and holder are codes unique to each tool manufacturer. Understanding how to read the model number provides basic information such as shape, type, and size. In many cases, cutting conditions are written on the label of the insert case, so check it before use.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Available corners
work material
Breaker Use
Rake angle
Nose R
O.D./ I.D. (For Threading)
Groove Width (For Grooving / Plunging)
Screw Types (for threading)
Number of threads (for threading)
Pitch (for Threading)

    Outer Diameter Thread Cutting Tip 22ER/L○○60



    Product Series

    Outer Diameter Thread Cutting Tip 22ER/L○○60

    Days to Ship 6 Day(s) or more
    ShapeT (Triangle)
    Available corners3
    work materialSteel / Stainless Steel / Cast Iron / Non-ferrous metal
    Breaker Use-
    Rake anglePozidriv
    Nose ROther
    O.D./ I.D. (For Threading)Outer Diameter
    Groove Width (For Grooving / Plunging)-
    Screw Types (for threading)General Purpose 60°
    Number of threads (for threading)-
    Pitch (for Threading)3.5~5 


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