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Cables with Square Connectors(Hood:Metal)

Cables with rectangular connectors bind multiple cables into one connector to connect to circuit boards. They are often used in precision devices and industrial equipment, such as computers. These cables feature a wide variety of connector and cable types; connectors include the D-sub type that connects the computer and the monitor and the MIL type for use in industrial machinery. The PCR half-pitch type that support I/O card connections is also available. Cables include standard cables and ribbon cables. Standard cables are single-wire, while ribbon cables feature multiple conductors in a bundle and are suitable for wiring inside machinery. Cables with rectangular connectors feature different components according to application and the devices they connect to, and must be selected carefully.

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    Centronics Discrete Wire Cable with Hooded Connector (with DDK Connector)

    Centronics Discrete Wire Cable with Hooded Connector (with DDK Connector)


    All-time-low price in same series additional significant discount for 20 pieces or more

    Connector type Number Of Cores Connector manufacturer CN1 CN2 Connector Shape Cable shape Machining Method Hood Hood screw
    Centronics 14 ~ 50 MISUMI / DDK Ltd. Male / Female Discrete Wire / Y Shape Terminal / Round Terminal Straight Discrete Wire Solder Metal -
    Days to Ship: 8 Day(s) or more
    day to ship 8 Day(s) or more
Product Series
Days to Ship
Connector type
Number Of Cores
Connector manufacturer
Connector Shape
Cable shape
Machining Method
Hood screw

    You can add up to 6 items per a category to the compare list.

    Centronics Discrete Wire Cable with Hooded Connector (with DDK Connector)


      Product Series

      Centronics Discrete Wire Cable with Hooded Connector (with DDK Connector)

      Days to Ship 8 Day(s) or more
      Connector typeCentronics
      Number Of Cores14 ~ 50
      Connector manufacturerMISUMI / DDK Ltd.
      CN1Male / Female
      CN2Discrete Wire / Y Shape Terminal / Round Terminal
      Connector ShapeStraight
      Cable shapeDiscrete Wire
      Machining MethodSolder
      Hood screw-


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      FAQ Cables with Square / Rectangular Connectors

      Question: What types of electrical systems can be connected using cables with rectangular connectors?
      Answer: Rectangular connectors can be used to connect various types of electrical systems. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as
      1. Industrial Control Systems: They are frequently used to connect components of control systems, sensors, and actuators. They play a crucial role in linking devices for automation and control.
      2. Computer and Data Systems: They are commonly used in computer systems and data applications to connect various peripherals such as hard drives, printers, and external devices.
      3. Robotics and Automation:In robotics and automation, rectangular connectors are commonly used to connect various sensors, motors, and control components.
      These connectors are available in different sizes, pin versions, and materials, making them suitable for use in industrial environments, and high-speed data center and networking equipment
      Question: How do rectangular connectors ensure secure electrical connections in industrial machinery?
      Answer: Rectangular connectors ensure secure electrical connections in industrial machinery through their robust construction, which makes them suitable for harsh environments. They provide a secure and insulated connection, minimizing the risks of electrical shock, short circuits, and fires, and they are made of durable materials like copper or aluminum, offering excellent conductivity and resistance to corrosion thus contributing significantly to safety in power distribution systems. These connectors are designed for rugged applications such as industrial robotics and machinery equipment
      Question: In what ways do D-Sub connectors facilitate computer and monitor connections?
      Answer: D-Sub connectors, also known as VGA connectors, facilitate computer and monitor connections in various ways. They are widely employed for linking devices like monitors, printers, and serial ports to computers. When utilized as a monitor interface, a D-Sub port, or VGA port, provides an analog connection standard that is compatible with a large number of PCs and LCD monitors. It is important to note that D-Sub connectors are analog, and for the best video quality, digital signals such as HDMI or DVI, nowadays HDMI and DVI are preferred over the D-Sub connection
      Question: What considerations are important for electrical system connections in power systems?
      Answer: When considering electrical system connections in power systems, several important factors should be taken into account to ensure
      1. Contact Resistance: Low contact resistance ensures efficient power transmission.
      2. Reliability: Choose connectors that ensure a stable and consistent power supply.
      3. Energy Conservation: Opt for connectors that minimize energy losses.
      4. Compatibility: Ensure connectors meet specific requirements and standards.
      5. Environmental and Temperature Durability: Select connectors that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and operate reliably across temperature variations.
      6. Voltage Ratings: Connectors must handle maximum voltage without insulation failure for example burn
      Question: What are the benefits of using EMI Countermeasures in cable designs for signal protection?
      Answer: EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) countermeasures in cable designs offer several benefits for signal protection:
      1. Reduced vulnerability to EMI: Shielded cables can protect against both emitting and receiving EMI, reducing the risk of interference and ensuring reliable communication
      2. Improved performance: As electronic devices become more complex and operate at higher frequencies, they generate more electromagnetic noise. EMI suppression filters (EMIFIL) can help mitigate this noise, improving the performance of electronic devices
      3. Protection against external interference: EMI shielding can help protect electronic devices from unwanted electric currents induced by external electromagnetic waves