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LAN Cables(Sheath Material:LSZH)

LAN cable (with connector) is a communication cable for connecting a personal computer and peripheral network devices. As a signal line for sending electrical signals, a stranded wire consisting of eight wires twisted in pairs is generally used to prevent external noise. The signal line is covered with rubber or plastic, and the connector attached to the tip is used by inserting it into the LAN port attached to each device. STP cables with signal lines protected by a metal shield such as aluminum prevent stronger electromagnetic noise and are suitable for use in noisy environments such as factories. It is also effective to prevent signal leakage from inside, and single shield or double shield can be selected. The categories are divided into CAT6, CAT5e, CAT5, etc. depending on the communication speed, and the higher the number, the faster the communication speed. Cable lengths vary, so choose as needed.
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    Commercial Ethernet Connector - XS5/XS6 RJ45 Connector Cable

    Commercial Ethernet Connector - XS5/XS6 RJ45 Connector Cable


    A LAN cable that is compatible with industrial networks based on Ethernet.
    · The lineup features LSZH cables for in-control panel wiring and PUR cables for wiring outside of control panels.
    · Uses smaller RJ45 connectors for reduce cable routing space requirements.
    · Cables are available in either blue, yellow or green.
    · LSZH cables are available in 12 lengths from 0.2 to 20 m and PUR cables are available in 10 lengths from 0.5 to 20 m.
    · Double-shielded cables with braiding and aluminum tape shielding for reduced noise generation in FA environments.
    · Ideal for FA environments in which noise is an issue.

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    From: ₹ 1,476.00
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Shield Structure
Shield Details
FA Network Standard
Connector Type
Cable Conductor
Conductor Size
No. of Cores (No. of Connection Pins)
Cable Outer Diameter
Length: Fixed
Length: Custom
Cable Feature
Sheath Material
PoE (Power Supply)

    You can add up to 6 items per a category to the compare list.

    Commercial Ethernet Connector - XS5/XS6 RJ45 Connector Cable


      Product Series

      Commercial Ethernet Connector - XS5/XS6 RJ45 Connector Cable


      ₹ 1,476.00

      Days to Ship Same day or more
      Shield StructureShielded・STP
      Shield DetailsSingle Layer Shield
      FA Network StandardNo Standard
      Connector TypeRJ45-RJ45
      Cable ConductorStranded Wire
      Conductor SizeAWG26 (0.12sq)
      No. of Cores (No. of Connection Pins)8 Core
      Cable Outer Diameter6.0 to 6.9
      ColorBlue / Yellow / Light Yellow
      Length: Fixed0.2 ~ 10.0 to 19.9
      Length: Custom-
      Cable Feature-
      Sheath MaterialLSZH
      PoE (Power Supply)-


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