Food Standards Compliant Polyacetal Resin Plate (Blue) 500x1000x50

Food Standards Compliant Polyacetal Resin Plate (Blue) 500x1000x50

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· It features excellent machinability and a balance between heat resistance and mechanical properties.
· Features excellent friction and wear properties as well as sliding properties, with favorable resistance to organic solvents, oils, and grease.
· Unlike cast nylon, moisture absorption is comparably low, making dimensions and strength stable.
· The mechanical characteristics and heat resistance are also equivalent to natural color polyacetal.
· Plastic tinted artificial blue makes it easy to identify foreign matter by visual inspection.
· Polyacetal Resin
[Product Specifications]
· Width X depth X thickness (mm): 500 X 1000 X 50
· Thickness Dimension Tolerance (mm): +0.50 to +2.50
· Cut: ◎
· Color: blue
· Material: POM (Polyacetal Resin)-C
· Applicable Laws: European Plastic Regulations EU10/2011, FDA, Food Sanitation Act of Japan (100°C or less)
· Heat resistance temperature: 100°C
· * Cutting or special processing: Cutting or processing is possible according to your desired size (prepare a drawing, etc. with specified dimensions when requesting). * ◎: Cuttable Products: W can be specified in 10 mm increments from 50 to 500, and D in 10 mm increments from 50 to 1,000. Cut Size Accuracy: +0.00 to +3.5 mm

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Part Number : 3-3081-12
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