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Spline Micrometer

Spline Micrometer

Both measuring probes are slim, making this micrometer convenient for measuring the grooves of spline shafts, etc.
· Both measuring surfaces are narrow.
· Measurement surface has a carbide tip.
· Equipped with constant pressure device.
· With heatproof cover.
· The frame has a painted finish.
· Ideal for measuring grooves such as spline shafts.


What is Abbe's principle

In picture 1, graduation and measured object is align on the same line,
compare to picture 2, the alignment is o, picture 1 creates less error
for sliding division's slope and this is Abbe's principle.

The structure of vernier caliper is opposite of Abbe's principle, so slider would
receive measuring pressure, gap (clearance) will be created.
If there's avgap, it will create force that's opposite to the measuring
direction,the jaw will not be parallel and error will be greated when it's
moving towards the measuring object.

Most of the micro meter's structure is made according to Abbe's principle,
it will not have measuring error like vernier caliper.

*Usually, vernier caliper's measuring pressure is 0.98~1.47N/㎡ (around 100g~150g)

What is Micro meter

The same with caliper, micro meter is one kind of
popular measuring tool.

Outside measurement micro meter is the most popular.
In the picture below, the frame of micro meter's head contains two ends,
which includes anvil and spindle.
Usually, every turn of the thimble is 0.5mm, and the thimble has graduation of 50
equal division, which provides measurement up to 0.01mm. At the end of
the thimble is ratchet stopper (pressure testing device), provides constant
• Parts of micro meter

Types of Micro meter

• Standard micro meter
For outside measurement.
• U shape steel plate micro meter
For measuring steel plate thickness.
• Spline micro meter
To conveniently measure groove of
spline shaft.
• Disk micro meter
Disk shape gauge head is perfect for
measuring root tangent length of
• Blade micro meter
Measuring surface is blade type,
perfect for measuring groove
diameter of shaft,etc.
• Spherical face micro meter
Anvil side of gauge head is spherical
shape, perfect for measuring wall
thickness of pipe.
• Point micro meter
Perfect for measuring the thickness of
frill's web, etc.

Methods of reading Micro meter

methods of reading graduation

• Examples of reading graduation
*Usaually, the left picture's reading value up
to 0.01mm, lower picture's reading value
measure with eyes up to 0.001 (1μm).
Reading value for sleeve is 7.0mm, reading value for thimble is 0.37mm
and measured value is 7.37mm.

Both upper and lower part of sleeve has graduation.
  • Lower part has graduation 1mm unit, upper part has graduation between
    1mm unit showing the 0.5mm unit graduation.
  • Reading graduation is easy. However, graduation line at sleeve can be hard
    to read, especially the upper 0.5mm line. Please read carefully.
*To decrease reading error by parallax impact, count micro meter and
digital micro meter is getting more popular.

Methods of using Micro meter

Turn thimble counter clockwise to hold onto measured object with
anvil (xed side) and spindle. Then, idling turn the ratchet stopper
1~3 times for measuring.

*Using ratchet stopper can increase measuring pressure.

*Measuring example for digital micro meter

• Parts of micro meter

Adjustment of Micro meter

methods to set 0 position (in the situation 0~25)
 01 Cleaning measuring surface
To keep the measuring surface of anvil and spindle clean, gently clip a clean paper between the two measuring surfaces, then let loose of the spindle to remove the paper.

*Dust is easily attracted to certain types of paper, do not force the paper out.
02 Turning ratchet
To adjust measuring pressure is very important. Idling turn the ratchet stopper 1~3 times.
 03 Correcting clamp
In the picture, graduation of 0 has about 5μm
deviation and it needs to be corrected. Clamp
is used to set spindle into correct location.
 04 Put in key-spanner
The sleeve on the back of the clamp has a hole. Put key-spanner into the hole and adjust to 0. If spanner is not correctly put in, it will loosen the spanner and break graduation, please be careful.
 05 0 position
This is on the accurate 0 positions.
When reading graduation, eyes should look directly at graduation.  2~3μm error will occur
if it's not read directly.
 06 Confirm accuracy
(Use micro meter stand)

*Due to turn by screw , error will occur on screw's pitch, needs to make sure it's on 0 position.
Hold micro meter with micro meter stand.
 07 Confirm accuracy
(Clip block gauge on)

To click block gauge on, make sure dimension and block gauge and graduation on micro meter is the same.
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipMeasurement Surface
Maximum Permissible Error
Minimum Reading
6 Day(s) or more Φ2×540.01
6 Day(s) or more Φ3×1040.01


  1. 1

Basic Information

Type Special Micrometer Display Method Analog Maximum Measuring Length (Adjustment Range)(mm) 16 ~ 25
Waterproof Function Not Included With / Without Measurement Data Output Terminal Not Included Measuring Range(mm) 0–25
A(mm) 56 B(mm) 31 C(mm) 6.5
D(mm) 18

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