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LR Vernier Caliper

LR Vernier Caliper

Forward/backward Vernier scales improve performance with the 2 prong approach, as they enable measurements to be made with both left and right hands.
· Upper/lower 2-tier type Vernier scale.
· Supports both right and left hands, and measurement can be performed with either hand.
· Forward/backward Vernier scales improve performance with the 2 prong approach.
· Silver finish.
· Can be used for measuring outside, inside, level difference and depth.


What is Vernier caliper

Vernier caliper is a measuring instrument integrated with
scale and caliper. It's the basic measuring instrument for canning industry,
lathe, and milling machine processing site.

The major feature of vernier caliper is the sub-scale (vernier) graduation.

The combination of sub-scale (vernier) graduation and main scale graduation
provides precise numerical reading, 19mm(or 39mm) with 20equal division
(or 50 equal division). The smallest reading value of 20equal division is 0.05mm
and the 50equal division is 0.02mm. The largest reading value have different
types, the standard is 100mm to 1000mm.
Standard vernier caliper
Parts of vernier caliper
Outside measurementInside measurement
Segment difference measurementDepth measurement

Types of Vernier caliper

analog model
• Standard vernier caliper
Most common vernier caliper.
• LR type vernier caliper
Can be used by both right-handed
and left-handed.
• M type fine adjustment vernier caliper
Perform fine adjustment by
moving slider.
• Dial caliper
Value reading without sub-scale.
• M type vernier caliper with automatic clamp
With automatic thumb clamp.
• Dial caliper
Value reading without sub-scale.
• Long jaw vernier caliper
Best for measuring larger and
deeper objects.

Types of Caliper

digital model
different than analog vernier caliper, digital caliper
wouldn't have parallax impacts, therefore, it's getting
popular among users.
• Digital caliper
Most common digital caliper.
• Hole pitch digital caliper
Quick measurement of 
distance between hole center.
• Carbide tipped digital caliper
Best to use on measuring rough, grindstone, and casting processed products.
• Digital inside caliper
The specially designed long knife-edge jaws makes inside
measuring easier. 
• Digital scriber caliper
Has the function of 
measurement and scriber.

Methods of reading Vernier caliper
analog model

Methods of reading Vernier caliper
analog model
The measured value is the reading of scale graduation with sub-scale (vernier) graduation.
The reading method for the pictures below shows graduation value for example
1 is "measured value73.00mm," graduation value for example 2 is
"measured value73.50mm", and for example 3 is "measured value73.55mm".

Methods of reading graduation

To read the measured value, combine main scale graduation with sub-scale (vernier) graduation.
Measured value=Main scale graduation + sub-scale(vernier) graduation

Methods of using Vernier caliper

Reading vernier Caliper
Read vernier caliper's graduation from a
perpendicular direction, if not, the scale
and vernier will create parallax impact due
to segment dierence.
Align jaw with object's parallel vertical
*To provide a solution for parallax impact, dial caliper
and digital caliper are developed.

Methods of apply vernier caliper to measuring object
  • Square object measurement
    Align jaw with object's parallel vertical surface.
  • Round object measurement
    Grip on the axis of the round object with vernier caliper's jaw at a right angle.
*Measured error will occur if the right angle is not
Vernier caliper has contrary structure of Abbe's principle.
More information of Abbe's principle on next page.
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipMaximum Measuring Length (Adjustment Range
Measuring Range
Minimum Reading
Maximum measuring length
Instrument Error
6 Day(s) or more ~ 1000–1001606014304220120.05100±0.05Stainless Steel
6 Day(s) or more 101 ~ 1500–1502357716405425160.05150±0.05Stainless Steel
6 Day(s) or more 151 ~ 2000–2003009020505425160.05200±0.05Stainless Steel


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Basic Information

Type Standard Calipers Display Method Vernier (Analog) Waterproof Function Not Included
With / Without measurement data output terminal Not Included Depth Bar W / WO Included

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