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DC Power Relay (60 A and 100 A Type) G9EA-1

DC Power Relay (60 A and 100 A Type) G9EA-1

· DC power relay that can cut off high voltage, high current direct current loads.
· Small size with height 67.2 mm × width 36 mm × length 73 mm, DC400V, 60A switching capable (maximum DC300V, 600A cutoff capable).
· Due to the switching and driving parts' gas filling and sealing structures, the small size makes it capable of cutting off high capacity loads, and achieves arc space free space saving and stability.
· At the same time, it features highly reliable contact free from environmental effects.
· No limitations to mounting direction due to parts miniaturization and appropriate matching design.
· Terminal cover for general industrial use with DIN rail adapter also available.
· UL/CSA standard UL508 acquired.


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G9EA-1-B DC24

DC Power Relay Specifications

G9EA-1 external appearance

G9EA-1 external appearance

  • A compact relay (67.2 × 36 × 73 mm [H × W × L]) capable of 400-V DC 60-A switching. (Capable of interrupting 600 A at 300 V DC max.)
  • The switching section and driving section are gas-injected and hermetically sealed, allowing these compact relays to interrupt high-capacity loads. Also requires no arc space, saves space, and helps ensure safe applications. Also provides high contact reliability with contacts that are not affected by the surrounding atmosphere.

DC Power Relay Performance

FormatModel G9EA-1(-B)Model G9EA-1(-B)-CA
Contact Resistance *130 mΩ max. (Typ. 0.6 mΩ)10 mΩ max. (Typ. 0.3 mΩ)
Contact Voltage Drop0.1 V max. (for a carry current of 60 A)0.1 V max. (for a carry current of 100 A)
Operating Time50 ms max.
Release Time30 ms max.
Insulation Resistance *2Between Coil and Contacts1,000 MΩ min.
Between Contacts of Same Polarity1,000 MΩ min.
Dielectric StrengthBetween Coil and Contacts2,500 V AC for 1 min
Between Contacts of Same Polarity2,500 V AC for 1 min
Impulse Withstand Voltage *34,500 V
Vibration ResistanceDurability10 to 55 to 10 Hz, 0.75-mm single amplitude (Acceleration: 2.94 to 88.9 m/s2)
Malfunction10 to 55 to 10 Hz, 0.75-mm single amplitude (Acceleration: 2.94 to 88.9 m/s2)
Shock ResistanceDurability490 m/s2
Malfunction196 m/s2
Mechanical Durability *4200,000 operations min.
Electrical Durability (Resistive Load) *5120 V DC 100 A 3,000 operations min.400 V DC 30 A 1,000 operations min.
400 V DC 60 A 3,000 operations min.120 V DC 30 A 2,500 operations min.
400 V DC 30 A 30,000 operations min.--
Short-Time Carry Current100 A (10 mins)150 A (10 mins)
Maximum Interruption Current300 V DC 600 A (5 times)--
Overload Interruption400 V DC 180 A (100 times min.)120 V DC 100 A (150 times min.)
Reverse Polarity Interruption200 V DC - 60 A (1,000 times min.)--
Ambient Operating Temperature-40 to +70°C (assuming no icing or condensation)
Ambient Operating Humidity5 to 85% RH
Weight (Including Accessories)Approx. 310 g

Note: The above values are initial values at an ambient temperature of 23°C unless otherwise specified.
*1. Measurement conditions: 5 V DC, 1 A, voltage drop method.
*2. Measurement conditions: measured with a megohmmeter (500 V DC).
*3. Measured with a JEC-212 (1981) standard impulse voltage waveform (1.2 × 50 µs).
*4. Test conditions: switching frequency: 3,600 operations/hr

*5. Test conditions: switching frequency: 60 operations/hr

DC Power Relay External Shape and Dimensional Drawing

Screw terminal type Model G9EA-1-B(-CA) external shape

Screw terminal type Model G9EA-1-B(-CA) external shape

Screw terminal type Model G9EA-1-B(-CA) dimensional drawing

Screw terminal type Model G9EA-1-B(-CA) dimensional drawing

Mounting hole machining dimensions

Mounting hole machining dimensions

  • *See the catalog for external shapes and dimensional drawings for model numbers other than those detailed above.
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G9EA-1-B DC24
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Basic Information

Application Power Contact Configuration 1a Terminal shape Screw terminal
Contact rated current (minimum value for AC and DC)(A) 60 Coil rated voltage (DC)(V) 24 Representative Standard UL / CSA
Dimension height(mm) 67.2 Dimension width(mm) 36 Dimension depth(mm) 73
Type Switch/ conductive type DC rated load DC400V/60A, DC120V/100A

Please check the type/dimensions/specifications of the part G9EA-1-B DC24 in the DC Power Relay (60 A and 100 A Type) G9EA-1 series.

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