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TF Fluororesin Tube (Part Numbers)

TF Fluororesin Tube

Tube that is inert to a lot of chemicals, gases, and organic solvents and thus is highly hygienic.

· Fluororesin PFA (tetrafluorethylene perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether copolymer) has the best heat resistance and chemical resistance properties of all thermoplastic plastics.
· Inert to many chemicals, gases, and organic solvents and so can be used for a wide range of uses such as food, chemical, medical, and semiconductor production.
· The inner surface of the tube is smooth and non-tacky and does not easily get dirty, so it is superior from a hygiene perspective as well.


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Part Number

Configured Part Number is shown.

Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipO.D.
O.D. [Distinction] I.D.
I.D. [Distinction] Minimum Bending Radius
Operating Temperature Range (when using air)
Operating Pressure Range (when using air)
Length (Last Number of Model Number)
9 Day(s) or more 4~42~230~260~2.010
9 Day(s) or more 4~42~230~260~2.020
9 Day(s) or more 4~42~230~260~2.0100
6 Day(s) or more 6~64~450~260~1.510
9 Day(s) or more 6~64~450~260~1.520
9 Day(s) or more 6~64~450~260~1.5100
9 Day(s) or more 8~86~680~260~1.010
9 Day(s) or more 8~86~680~260~1.020
9 Day(s) or more 8~86~680~260~1.050
9 Day(s) or more 10~108~8120~260~0.810
9 Day(s) or more 10~108~8120~260~0.820
9 Day(s) or more 10~108~8120~260~0.850
9 Day(s) or more 12~1510~10200~260~0.810
9 Day(s) or more 12~1510~10200~260~0.820
9 Day(s) or more 12~1510~10200~260~0.850


  1. 1

Basic Information

Type Straight Cutting Service Usage No Material Fluororesin
Applicable Fluid Industrial water / Compressed Air / Chemical Operating Environment Standard / Water Resistance / Vacuum / Heat resistant Material, Fluororesin Fluorine Resin PFA
Vacuum Compatible Acceptable

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