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SG Grindstone for Flat Surfaces No. 1 Flat (SG305-32-76.2-46-I)

SG Grindstone for Flat Surfaces No. 1 Flat (SG305-32-76.2-46-I)
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Product Description

This all-purpose grindstone for level surfaces comes in a variety of abrasive grain sizes

SG Grindstone for Flat Surfaces No. 1 Flat:Related Image
Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to ShipParticle Size
Outer Diameter
Hole Diameter
Abrasive Grain Grade Binder Peripheral Speed (Maximum Operating Peripheral Speed)

₹ 21,761.13

1 Piece(s) 10 Day(s) or more 463053276.23SG (SG30 %, WA70 %)IVSG-1P130


  1. 1


SG Grindstone for Flat Surfaces No. 1 Flat:Related Image
Model Number
Outer Diameter
Hole Diameter
Particle Size (#) (selection)Stocked Item /
Non-Stocked Item
Degree of Coupling (selection)
1506.432-------I KStocked Item
1312.7-KK---- -
1806.431.75KJ KJ KJ KJ KJ KI J KI J K
1031.75J KJ KJ KKK---
1331.75H I J KH I J KH I J KJ KK---
1631.75J KJ KK-----
1931.75J KJ KK-----
2056.431.75-KKKKK-J K
1331.75H I J KH I J KH I J KJ KJ K---
1931.75H I J KH I J KH I J KKK---
1950.8H I J KH I J KJ K-----
3052576.2-I J ------Non-Stocked Item
25127-JJ -----
3276.2I J G I J ------
32127G JG------
3876.2G J I ------
38127G H I G H I J H J -----
35538127G H I J G H I J ------
50127G IJ------

[ ! ] For the degree of coupling, please select one of G / H / I / J / K from each corresponding column. (A SoftSG Grindstone for Flat Surfaces No. 1 Flat:Related Image Z Hard)
Here for reference information for selecting grindstones
Here for a selection table of general grindstones for flat surfaces
Here for troubleshooting

More Information

● For Coarse to Finish Grinding of Hardened Steel
● The number of dressing will be drastically decreased with the effects of SG abrasive grains. It also has excellent sharpness.

Basic Information

Shape Flat Type (No. 1) abrasive grain SG Use Hardened Steel Grinding and Rough-Finishing