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TSC Series Carbide Radius End Mill For Shrink Fit Holder Radius Accuracy ±5µm/4 Flutes/Stub Type

TSC Series Carbide Radius End Mill For Shrink Fit Holder Radius Accuracy ±5µm/4 Flutes/Stub Type

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Product Description

A high precision radius end mill for shrink fit holder. Achieves high accuracy and high efficiency machining

TSC series carbide radius end mill, 4-flute / stub model:Related Image

Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to ShipOuter Diameter (D)
R Size
Flute Length (ℓ)

₹ 3,161.31

1 Piece(s) 6 Day(s) or more 20.231

₹ 3,664.00

1 Piece(s) 6 Day(s) or more 30.24.51

₹ 4,267.95

1 Piece(s) 6 Day(s) or more 40.561

₹ 6,195.87

1 Piece(s) 6 Day(s) or more 60.592


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TSC series carbide radius end mill, 4-flute / stub model:Related Image

Model Number     Flute Length
Overall Length
Shank Diameter
Outer Diameter
TSC-SHP-CR-EM4B 2 0.2 3 50 6 1
3 0.2 4.5 50 6 1
4 0.5 6 50 6 1
6 0.5 9 50 6 2

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More Information

It is designed to have an ideal flute length, shank length and overall length, keeping in mind the usage of a shrink fit holder for processing.
A radius (R) accuracy within 5 μm (our measured ratio) / shank diameter, tolerance h5 standard, has been adopted. The highly accurate tools with minimal quality variation are suitable for realizing high-accuracy, high-precision machining.
Designed to have a blade shape with an emphasis on sharpness thanks to the curved (R) positive blade, it is suitable for machining raw materials such as carbon steel.
Improvements to the TS coating consisting of a nitride-based composite film with a fully crystalline structure means that it delivers excellent durability when used in carbon steel raw materials, in addition to heat treated steel and hardened steel.
[ ! ]This product has a special shape with a performance that may not be reproducible without the use of Misumi's dedicated re-grinding.

Basic Information

Work Material General Steel / Heat-Treated Steel / High-Hardness Steel ~ HRC55 / Stainless Steel / Cast Iron / Aluminum Alloy / Copper Alloy Number of Flutes(sheet) 4 Model Radius
Overall Length (L)(mm) 50 Shank Diameter (d)(mm) 6 Processing Applications Flat Surface / Side Surface / Curved Surface / Inclined Cutting
Coating For High Hardness (Silicone-Based) Torsion Angle (θ) Standard Helix (30 to 40°) R Precision(μm) ±0.005
Additional Classification Stocked Product