FCN Connector Long Screw Model

FCN Connector Long Screw Model

No tools required. FCN hood

  • Screw Lock

● Since the fixing screw for the use after binding connectors can be turned by hand, it can be attached and removed without tools such as a screwdriver.
● Can be used in common with solder model male and female connectors.  

· It cannot be used for the pressure welding model female connector of FCN-367J Series.



FCN Connector Long Screw Model:Related Image

ModelNumber of CoresWeight
Sales: Misumi / Manufacturer: Fujitsu Components (Ltd.)

More Information

FCN Connector Long Screw Model:Related Image

FCN Connector Long Screw Model:Related Image

Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipRoHSConnector series initials Number Of Cores
6 Day(s) or more 10D· E· F24
6 Day(s) or more 10D· E· F32
6 Day(s) or more 10D· E· F40
6 Day(s) or more 10D· E· F48


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Compatible Wire

Connector Type Wire Size
Soldered Type Loose wire of AWG23 ~ AWG30, or 0.2 mm2 ~ 0.05 mm2
Pressure Welding Type 1.27 mm Pitch Flat Cable AWG28, AWG30
* Loose wires cannot be used. (Fused cables can be used)

Material / Finish

Item Material / Finish
Insulator Polyester
Contact Copper Alloy / Gold Plating

Contact Arrangement Diagram

Electrical Properties

Item Characteristics Conditions
Rated Current 3 ADC (1 ADC for pressure welded type) or lower Allowable current of single contact after coupling
Rated Voltage 250 VAC or less Allowable voltage within operating temperature range
Contact Resistance 15 mΩ or less Measured at 6 VDC, 0.3 A
Insulation Resistance 1000 MΩ or more Between terminals and between ground & terminal are measured at 500 VDC
Withstand Voltage 500 VAC / 1 min No abnormality to be found when 500 VDC is applied for 1 minute to the same location as the insulation resistance measurement.
Operating Temperature Range -55°C ~ +85°C -

Electrical Properties

Item Characteristics Conditions
Insertion and Extraction Force Per Single Pole Insertion Force: 312 g or less, Extraction Force: 50 g or more When male and female are inserted and extracted, the total extraction force is divided by each core number to convert into force per single pole
Vibration Resistance No interruption to power supplies of 1 μs or more. Matching contact resistance. After mounting of compatible electric wires, under conditions of DC current of 100 mA passing through the terminals, it will provide vibrations at a total amplitude of 1.5 mm and
vibration frequency of 10 ~ 55 Hz (1 minute reciprocal) in right angled 3 directions for 2 hours.
Insertion and Removal Durability Contact resistance at 20 mΩ or less. Matching insertion and extraction force per single pole. Perform insertion-extraction 500 times at a speed of 600 times / hour.

Environmental Properties

Item Characteristics Conditions
Temperature Resistance Matching contact resistance, insulation resistance and withstand voltage. Performs 5 cycles of -55°C ±0.3 for 30 minutes, 25°C ±10.5 for 10 ~ 15 minutes, 85°C ±0.3 for 30 minutes and 25°C ±10.5 for 10 ~ 15 minutes consecutively.
Humidity Resistance Matching contact resistance of 100 MΩ or more, insulation resistance and withstand voltage. Remove after placing in conditions of temperature 40 ±2°C and relative humidity of 90 ~ 95% for 96 hours, remove water droplets and then leave at room humidity conditions for between 1 and 2 hours.
Corrosion Resistance Contact resistance at 20 mΩ or less. After testing for 48 hours at saltwater concentration of 5% and temperature of 35°C, wash salt encrustation off with water and let dry.

Connector x Hood Combination Table

Hood Connector Resin Hood Zinc Die-cast Hood
Standard Screw Long Screw Hood for Relay
FCN-360C0**-B FCN-360C0**-E FCN-360C0**-C FCN-360C040-H-E
Male Solder Type Connectors FCN-361P0**-AU ○ (8-, 16-core not available) ○ (8-, 16-core not available) ○ (40-core only)
Female Solder Type Connectors FCN-361J0**-AU ○ (8-, 16-core not available) ○ (8-, 16-core not available) ○ (40-core only)
Pressure Welding Type Connector FCN-367J0**-AU-F x x x x
○ = Combination available x = Combination unavailable
・Connectors can be coupled if they have the same core numbers and are a combination of male <--> female.
・ When connecting hood to hood without using a relay hood, use a connecting fixing bracket.

Basic Information

Connector Shape Square shape D· E· F FCN Protection function (environmentally resistant) None

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