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Cable Gland Panel Rubber Gasket for Mounting【10 Pieces Per Package】

Cable Gland Panel Rubber Gasket for Mounting

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● Rubber packing for mounting ST / BS series cable ground to a panel.
● For attaching to the front or back of panel when mounting a cable gland.
● Uses lock nut and allows for mounting to a relay box circular hole without threading.

· Depending on the quantity of your order, the delivery time may require an estimate.
· The appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.



  • This product will be discontinued in January 2022. Depend on stock status, the end time will be changed.

Product Description

[Specifications]·Panel-mount packing for the ST/BS series gland.


Cable Gland Panel Rubber Gasket for Mounting:Related Image

1 Pack Unit 10-piece Pack
Model NumberQuantity per
Screw TypeSize (Unit = mm)Weight
(g / Piece)
GP7 10P
(10-piece Pack)
PG Screw161210.1
GP9 211520.4
GP11 24180.5
GP13.5 27200.6
GP16 29220.8
GP21 35280.9
GP29 47371.7
GP-M12 M Screw1711.51.50.2
GP-M16 2515.50.6
GP-M20 3119.50.9
GP-M25 3824.521.9
GP-M32 4831.52.9
GP-M40 6039.54.6

More Information

Cable Gland Panel Rubber Gasket for Mounting:Related Image
Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Number of pc(s). included in pkg.Volume DiscountDays to Ship

₹ 504.00

1 Pack(s)

10 Pieces Per Package

6 Day(s) or more

₹ 683.35

1 Pack(s)

10 Pieces Per Package

6 Day(s) or more


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Basic Information

Material (Main body) Nitrile Butylene Number with packs(P) 10 Screw type M Screw