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NANB UL Each Pair Triple-Shielded Magnetic Foil Tape

NANB UL Each Pair Triple-Shielded Magnetic Foil Tape

300 V Noise Prevention 3-Shield Specifications

  • VW-1
  • Strand Wire
  • Twisted Pair
  • 300 V
  • Triple Shield

● Triple shielded cable made of magnetic foil tape + braided shield and twisted pairs.
● Magnetic foil tape is a registered trademark of NTT Advanced Technology.
● It uses consolidated double-shield and offers noise reduction effect across a wide range up to 1 GHz.
● It has twisted pair (with drain wire) and offers easy machining in terminal processing such as earth terminal connection.

· Be careful not to confuse specified length and quantity when ordering.
· 1P = 2-core (twisted pair).

Not oil-resistant.
· This product is compatible with "UL Traceability Program / Processed Wire." (c-UL is not compatible)
* All unit prices are per meter.
Unit Price Calculation Method [Formula: Last digits of model number (m) x unit price per meter above]
* Color and softness may vary slightly due to manufacturer changes.

Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law certificate has not been obtained.



NANB UL Each Pair Triple-Shielded Magnetic Foil Tape:Related Image

Model NumberAWG SizeNumber of Pairs
1P = 2 Cores
Total Length
Specified Length
* (0.2mm2)
5P1 ~ 100
(Specify 1 m Increment)
* (~ mm2) is to be used only as an estimated section area. Refer to the comparison table on >>Click here for details.

More Information

Sheath ColorNavy
Operating Temperature Range- 10 ~ 80°C
Standard AcquiredULAWM2464
Bending RadiusFinished Outer Diameter x 8
(Fixed Part Only)

Model NumberAWG
Number of Pairs
1P = 2 Cores
Specified Length
Twisted Pair
Outer Diameter
Ground Wire Tin Plated Annealed Copper
Stranded Wire
Strands / mm
Shield Part
Thickness (mm)
Shield Part
Thickness (mm)
Shield Part
Density (%)
Density (mm)
Outer Diameter
Electrical PropertiesApproximate
Strands / mm
Outer Diameter
Approx. / mm
Conductor Resistance
Ω / km (20°C)
Insulation Properties
MΩkm (20°C)
Withstand Voltage
V / Min
Allowable Current
A (30 °C)
* (0.2mm2)
5P1 ~ 100 m
(Specify 1 m
or less
or more
* (~ mm2) is to be used only as an estimated section area. Refer to the comparison table on >>Click here for details.
* For the outer diameter size of cables, wire sheath (coat), etc., refer to "Finished Outer Diameter" in the table above.
* Allowable current is to be used only as a reference value and is not guaranteed.

Structure Outline
ConductorTin Plated Annealed Copper Stranded Wire
InsulatorHeat Resistant Vinyl
TwistingTwisted Pair
ShieldAluminum Foil Tape Pairs + Magnetic Foil Tape + Braid Shield
SheathHeat-Resistant Vinyl Sheath / Matte
NANB UL Each Pair Triple-Shielded Magnetic Foil Tape:Related Image

Current Reduction Factor
Ambient Temperature (°C)3040506070
Current Reduction Factor1.000.930.860.770.68
Allowable current value indicates the calculated value of 1 cable laid aboveground in ambient temperature of 30°C, and is not a guaranteed value.
If the ambient temperature is 30 °C or above, the above current reduction factor is multiplied by the allowable current.
(Example) Allowable current at AWG25 10-core when the ambient temperature is 40°C
3.5 × 0.93 = 3.255 (A) 

Wire Core Identification Table
Pair No.Insulator ColorDot Mark ColorPair No.Insulator ColorDot Mark Color
Core of Wire 1Core of Wire 2Core of Wire 1Core of Wire 2
1BlackNot ProvidedAvailable (Color: White)8OrangeNot ProvidedAvailable (Color: White)
2RedNot ProvidedAvailable (Color: White)9PurpleNot ProvidedAvailable (Color: White)
3GreenNot ProvidedAvailable (Color: White)10Light GreenNot ProvidedAvailable (Color: White)
4YellowNot ProvidedAvailable (Color: White)11PinkNot ProvidedAvailable (Color: White)
5BrownNot ProvidedAvailable (Color: White)12Light BlueNot ProvidedAvailable (Color: White)
6BlueNot ProvidedAvailable (Color: White)13WhiteNot ProvidedAvailable (Color: Black)
7GrayNot ProvidedAvailable (Color: White)    

Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipLogarithm Finished outer diameter
Power supply/signal Other properties
6 Day(s) or more 5P8.5For signalsNoise Resistance
6 Day(s) or more 8P9.8For signalsNoise Resistance
6 Day(s) or more 13P11.8For signalsNoise Resistance


  1. 1

Basic Information

Overall Length(m) 100 Conductor Cross Section(mm2) 0.2 AWG size(AWG) 25
Rated Voltage 300V Shield Present Representative Standard UL
Sheath (outer coating) color Navy color Sheath (outer coating) material PVC Insulation body materials PVC

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