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Crimping Tools, E-CON Dedicated Press-fitting Tool

Crimping Tools, E-CON Dedicated Press-fitting Tool

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● A dedicated tool developed to reliably perform e-CON wire connections.
● Designed for horizontal pressure-welding from above and below, and adjusted to avoid the pressure exceeding the point of finish thickness (overcomes the disadvantage of pressure welding using pliers).
● Can perform constantly uniform pressure welding for sizes between 3-core and 8-core.

Product Description

Dedicated tool developed to securely connect the e-CON, a socket connector that can be mounted on a panel, to cable.


e-CON Dedicated Press-fitting Tool:Related Image

More Information

e-CON Dedicated Press-fitting Tool:Related Image

e-CON Dedicated Press-fitting Tool:Related Image

Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to Ship

₹ 3,600.00

1 Piece(s) 6 Day(s) or more


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● Wiring can be carried out easily with either the dedicated Misumi original tools, or commercially available pliers.
(Misumi original tools are recommended for 6- or 8-core wires).
● No need to strip wire coating.
● Compatible wire types are identified with 8 different color coded connector covers.
● Branch adapters and those for relays and circuit board mounting are available.
● As the terminal, main unit and cover are integrated into one structure, maintenance is simple.
● The circuit board type for 3- or 4-cores is lead-free.

Common Specifications

Wiring Method
Combination Method
  3-Core / 4-Core Connectors 6-Core / 8-Core Connectors
Rated Voltage 32 VAC / VDC or less 32 VDC or less
Rated Current Max. 3.0 A
Operating Temperature
(no condensation or dripping)
-20 ~ +85°C (at 1 A live) -30 ~ +75°C
-20 ~ +75℃ (at 2A live)
-20 ~ +60℃ (at 3A live)
Electrical Properties
Withstand Voltage 1,000 VAC rms (1 minute) 500 VAC rms (1 minute)
Insulation Resistance 1,000 MΩ
Contact Resistance (Initial) 50 mΩ or less 30 mΩ or less
Compatible Wires
(Stranded Wires)
Conductor Cross-sectional Area 0.14 ~ 0.50 m2 0.2 ~ 0.5 m2
AWG 26 ~ 20 -
Insulation OD φ0.8 ~ φ2.0 mm φ1.15 ~ φ1.6 mm
Relative Humidity 40°C at 95% R.H. 25 ~ 65°C at 90 ~ 95% R.H.
Contact Pitch 2 mm
Item 3-Core / 4-Core Connectors 6-Core / 8-Core Connectors
Materials Finish Materials Finish
Body PBT Resin UL94V-0 Black Glass-filled Thermoplastic
Polyester Resin
UL94V-0 Black
Base Cover Nylon 66 UL94V-0 Black Polycarbonate UL94V-0, Blue, Green
Top Cover Polycarbonate UL94V-0, Semi-Transparent in 6 Colors
Contact Copper Alloy Connection Part: Nickel Plating 2.5 um or more
Gold Plating 0.2 um or more
Pressure Welded Part: Nickel Plating 2.5 um or more
Copper Alloy All Surfaces: Nickel Plating 1.27 um or more
Contact Part: Gold Plating 0.2 um or less
Dustproof Cover Installation Process

Basic Information

Applicable type e-CON Connector Product classification Pressure Contact Tool

Please check the type/dimensions/specifications of the part MWI-ECON-IDC in the Crimping Tools, E-CON Dedicated Press-fitting Tool series.