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Heat Shrink Tubes Printable, Shrinkage2:1

Heat Shrink Tubes Printable, Shrinkage2:1

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Product Description

This is an economy item, The price is cheaper than the MISUMI standard product.
The outer shrink tube is made from soft polyolefin.
Shrinks quickly, can print letters, white model, long-lasting material.
Shrinkage ratio 2:1 to less than 3:1
Operating temperature range -55-125°C
Packaging 100 m / roll

Product of heat shrink tube Overview

● The outer layer is made of soft polyolefin
● Fast shrinkage, character printable, white heat shrink tube model. Material is colorfast.
● Main functions of the product: Cable interface identification for signal and power system
● No printing service is available, and the customer needs to print by himself
● Specifications heat shrink tube are complete, with 6 specifications available for selection.

* Note: each roll of heat shrink tube may have 1 to 3 adapters, which conforms to the industry standard and does not affect the quality. Please feel free to use!

Product of heat shrink tube Feature

Thermoplastic Tube
Thermoplastic Tube

Dimensional of heat shrink tube Drawing

Dimensional Drawing
 Before heat shrink tube (mm)After heat shrink tube (mm)
Part numberMinimum Inner Diameter DMaximum Inner Diameter dWall Thickness h

Specifications heat shrink tube Overview

Basic heat shrink tube Specifications
heat shrink tube MaterialPolyolefin
Shrinkage Ratio2:1
Operating Temperature Range-55-125℃
Initial Shrinkage Temperature80℃
Minimum Complete Shrinkage Temperature110℃
Performance heat shrink tube Indicator
heat shrink tube ItemIndicator RequirementsTest MethodTypical Value
Longitudinal Shrinkage Rate
(200±5 ℃ for 3 minutes)
±10%ASTM D 2671±7%
Tensile Strength≥9.0MPaASTM D 63810 Mpa
Breakage Elongation≥250%ASTM D 638500%
Breakage Elongation After Aging
(Thermal aging for 168 hours at 158℃)
≥100%ASTM D 638300%
Thermal Shock
(200±5 ℃ for 4 hours)
The outer layer is crack free, trickling free and dripping freeASTM D 2671pass
Low Temperature Flexibility
(4 hours at -55 ℃)
Crack FreeASTM D 2671pass
Dielectric Strength and Breakdown2500V, 60sec, no breakdownASTM D 2671pass
Volume Resistivity≥1012Ω·cm min.ASTM D 8761014Ω·cm
Copper Corrosion
(121±2℃ for 16 hours)
No CorrosionASTM D 2671pass
Copper Stability (168 hours at 158 ℃)Elongation≥100%ASTM D 2671pass

Usage of heat shrink tube Method

Heat Shrink Tubing

Example of heat shrink tube Use

Heat Shrink Tubing


Specification heat shrink tube Table

Dimensional Drawing
Before heat shrink tube (mm)After heat shrink tube (mm)
Part number Minimum Inner Diameter DMaximum Inner Diameter dWall Thickness h
MTUBE-YZ-2.4 100m/roll2.41.200.51±0.10
MTUBE-YZ-3.2 3.21.600.51±0.10
Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to ShipInternal diameter (before contraction)
Wall Thickness (after shrinking)
Internal diameter

₹ 1,885.24

1 Piece(s) Available 6 Day(s) 2.40.511.2

₹ 2,038.35

1 Piece(s) Available 6 Day(s) 3.20.511.6

₹ 2,343.07

1 Piece(s) Available 6 Day(s) 4.80.512.4

₹ 1,806.41

1 Piece(s) Available Same day 6.40.643.2

₹ 3,171.94

1 Piece(s) Available 6 Day(s) 9.50.644.8

₹ 2,940.18

1 Piece(s) Available Same day 12.70.646.4


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Basic Information

Shrinkage Rate 2:1 to Less Than 3:1 Packing Specification 100 m/roll

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Question: What is the function of a heat shrink tube?
Answer: As its name suggests, a heat shrink tube shrinks when heated. An object will have its own characteristic shrinkage when its temperature reaches this stage. Heat shrink tubes are flame retardant, insulated, heat resistant and flexible. Such features determine their wide application. They are suitable for various harnesses, welding points, inductor insulation protection, and also can be used in various metal rods to prevent rust and corrosion.
Question: What are the advantages of this product?
Answer: ●The outer layer material is made of soft Polyolefin
●Fast shrinkage, character printable, white model
●Main functions of the product: identification of cable interface for signal and power system