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Ball Splines Round Flanged, One End Double Stepped and Threaded / One End Tapped

Ball Splines Round Flanged, One End Double Stepped and Threaded / One End Tapped

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Product Overview of Spline Shaft

1. Spline Shaft rolls along the spherical groove using the steel ball inside the spline nut, allowing even a single-axis mechanism to perform linear motion while keeping the nut undeviated in the rotation direction.
2. Compared to the combination of guide shaft and linear bushing, Spline Shaft enables linear motion with high sensitivity and high precision, and can withstand higher loads.
3. Spline Shaft can safely transmit torque even under cantilever load and deliver high durability.

Product Features of Spline Shaft

1. Spline Shaft Shipping within 5 days after placing an order.
2. Drawing-based machining is no longer required, saving the time for design.
3. Spline Shaft length can be specified in 1mm increments.
4. Various alterations are available to meet different usage scenarios.
5. This product of Spline Shaft has a lower price compared to the MISUMI standard products (produced in Japan) and better performance compared to generic products on the market.

■We have professional testing equipment for guaranteed quality of Spline Shaft
Product Features

■For this product of Spline Shaft and Generic Products on the Market, we have conducted a service life comparison using a traveling tester.
→Test conditions Spline Shaft:
Load: 50kgf
Speed: 40cm/s
Travel distance: 100km
Spline Shaft diameter: 8mm
→Test result Spline Shaft:
Product Features
* Generic products of Spline Shaft on the market are similar products randomly purchased by our company from online or offline markets.
* The test data are obtained through testing by our company, which are for reference only.

Dimensional Drawing of Spline Shaft

Accuracy gradeSpline shaftNut
Type of Spline ShaftSpline Shaft MaterialSpline Shaft HardnessSpline Shaft Surface TreatmentTypeSpline Shaft MaterialSpline Shaft HardnessSpline Shaft Surface Treatment
Grade NSolidEquivalent to SUJ258HRC~Round flangedEquivalent to SCR42058HRC~

Product Drawings of Spline Shaft (Unit: mm)

Dimension 2

Specification Table of Spline Shaft

Ordering Example
Spline Shaft
Type of Spline Shaft
Spline Shaft
Spline ShaftL
1mm increments
Spline ShaftP
Spline ShaftF
1mm increments
Spline ShaftM (Coarse)
Selection (M≤P)
Spline ShaftB
1mm increments
Spline ShaftN (Coarse)
E-BSBM860~300 456        When P=4,
When P≥5,
Spline ShaftF≥B+2
 456      When M=4,
When M≥5,
Spline ShaftB≥Pitch×3+ℓ
1060~400 4568        4568     345     
1360~400  56810        56810     456    
1670~600  568101213       681012    4568   
2080~700    8101213151620    68101216   456810  
2590~900    8101213151620    6810121620   5681012 
30100~900     10121315162025    81012162024   68101216
Spline ShaftType of Spline ShaftSpline ShaftDh8D1 D2L1HWP.C.DXYZuBasic Rated TorqueBasic Load RatingStatic Allowable Moment
Dynamic Ct
Static C0t
Dynamic C
Static C0

Dimension 3
Spline ShaftWhen Spline Shaft ④ is configured, the surface will be light yellow, and there may be a color difference.
  Due to the surface treatment process, the following parts are more susceptible to rust.
  -Cut section
  -Groove part
  -Cut section
  -Tapped part
Spline ShaftThe relative positions of the grooves of spline shaft, the keyways and oil holes of nuts, and all the alterations (wrench flat, set screw flat, etc.) in the 3D modelare for reference only and may differ from their actual positions.
Dimension 3
Unit: μm
 Max. Runout of Spline Axis Line
Spline Shaft Dia. D~200201~315316~400401~500501~630631~800801~900

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Precautions of Spline Shaft

■Precautions for Selection and Use of Spline Shaft
1. The relative positions of the grooves of Spline Shaft, the keyways and oil holes of straight nuts, and all the alterations (wrench flat, set screw flat, etc.) in the 3D model are for reference only and may differ from their actualpositions.
2. When re-inserting a nut into the Spline Shaft, be sure to insert it horizontally, otherwise the ball will fall off.
3. As resin parts are used inside the nuts, please use them at temperatures below 80℃.
4. Although the nuts are greased on the inside before leaving the factory, please re-grease them every 2~3 months or every 50km of traveling distance after receipt of the goods, otherwise their use will be impaired.
5. No guarantee is given for the noise level of this product.
6. No guarantee is given that the Spline Shaft or nuts of this product will fall freely.
7. This product is a machined type, so there will be knife patterns and color difference in its appearance. It is normal for the product to have some scratches or color changes. Please feel free to use.
8. The Spline Shaft is quenched, and annealed during machining.
  Due to the annealing treatment, the hardness of the machined part + area about 15 mm before and after the part may be reduced (see the following example). And the annealed section is out of the guaranteed range of outerdiameter dimensional tolerance.
  Subtract the size of the annealed section when calculating the stroke.
The parts that may be reduced in hardness due to annealing are:
·Threaded parts
·Stepped parts
·Tapped parts
·Alterations of wrench flats, set screw flat, retaining ring grooves, and tapped holes

Example Use of Spline Shaft

Spline Shaft

Part Number 

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Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to ShipShaft Outer Dia. D
Shaft Overall Length L
Spline shaft Left end Stepped shaft Dia. [P]
Spline shaft Left end Stepped length [F]
Spline shaft Left end Threading [M]
Spline shaft Left end Tapping length [B]
Spline shaft Right end Tapping (N)


1 Piece(s) 11 Day(s) 860 ~ 3004 ~ 64 ~ 304 ~ 62 ~ 303 ~ 4


1 Piece(s) 11 Day(s) 1060 ~ 4004 ~ 84 ~ 404 ~ 82 ~ 403 ~ 5


1 Piece(s) 11 Day(s) 1360 ~ 4005 ~ 104 ~ 505 ~ 102 ~ 504 ~ 6


1 Piece(s) 11 Day(s) 1670 ~ 6005 ~ 134 ~ 656 ~ 122 ~ 604 ~ 8


1 Piece(s) 11 Day(s) 2080 ~ 7008 ~ 164 ~ 806 ~ 162 ~ 904 ~ 10


1 Piece(s) 11 Day(s) 2590 ~ 9008 ~ 204 ~ 1006 ~ 202 ~ 1005 ~ 12


1 Piece(s) 11 Day(s) 30100 ~ 90010 ~ 254 ~ 1258 ~ 242 ~ 1206 ~ 16


  1. 1

Basic Information

Nut Type Round Flanged Type Solid Shaft End Shape (Left) Stepped and Threaded
End Shape (Right) Tapped Shaft material SUJ2 Equivalent Nut Material SCR420 Equivalent

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Question: Do the 3D model on the official website and the actual product have the same positional relationships between the grooves of the spline shafts, the keyways and oil holes of the straight cylinder nuts, and all alterations (wrench slots, planes, etc.)?
Answer: They may be different.
Question: Can it be used in high-temperature or special environments?
Answer: The ball spline uses resin parts. Please use it in environments below 80° C and avoid using it under high temperature conditions or in special environments.
Question: Can the nut be removed from the spline shaft?
Answer: As there is a retainer inside the nut, even if removed, the steel ball is less likely to fall. However, it is recommended not to remove it. If it must be removed, please be careful to prevent the steel ball from falling.