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Motor Brackets For Stepper Motors

Motor Brackets For Stepper Motors

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Product Overview of Support Units

1. Support Units is suitable for stepper motors of brands like MISUMI Economy Series, Oriental Motor, Leadshine, and Fulling.
2. Besides a single motor bracket, it is also available in a SET product incorporating a motor bracket and a ball screw Support Units, which provides easier design and more favorable price.

Product Features of Support Units

1. You can select a suitable model according to the motor brand, motor series, and shaft height. Meanwhile, the 3D model is available for downloading.
2. Product quality is assured. When it is used with the MISUMI ball screw Support Units, the risk of coupling damage can be reduced.
3. All models in stock and shipping within 1 day.
4. Made of anodized aluminum alloy A6061 material, it is lightweight and has better anti-rust effect, while ensuring sufficient strength.

Yield strength test of Support Units
Test conditions: The rotational speed of the motor was increased from 600 rpm to 6,000 rpm.
Test result: The stress generated at 6,000 rpm was 19 MPa, and the yield strength of aluminum alloy A6061 was 55 MPa, showing that the motor bracket strength can satisfy the requirements.
Product Feature 1
Product Feature 2
5. For the SET product including the motor bracket and the ball screw Support Units, a consistent shaft height is guaranteed to avoid such operations as drilling or padding.
Product Feature 3

Dimensional Drawing of Support Units

Dimensional Drawing of Support Units (Unit: mm)
Dimensional Drawing 1
(Unit: mm)
Part NumberDH8CWVH1H2FPTd1Recommended MISUMI Economy series
Ball Screws Shaft Dia
(Sold separately)
Support UnitsType of Support UnitsSupport UnitsApplicable motor flange codeApplicable motor seriesSupport UnitsShaft height hSupport UnitsSET Products81012152025
E-TBMD4242 Series22±0.04-S

(Can be purchase as a set)
223142.5φ3.6 Round Hole44196652125.5   
5757 Series30±0.0438.147.1457M4 Coarse60259880148.5   
Support UnitsThe recommended MISUMI Economy series ball screw is only for reference. Please select the type according to the actual situation

Dimensional Drawing 2

<SET Products Components>
SET Products ModelSET Products ComponentsRecommended Ball Screws Model
(Sold separately)
Support Side
Support Units Model
Fixed Side
Support Units Model
Motor Brackets ModelRolling C7Grinding C5
Support Units□□ in the recommended ball screw model is the ball screw lead. For details, please search "Economy Series Ball Screw” in MISUMI official website.

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Example Use of Support Units

Semiconductor Automotive Smart phone
Example of Use 1 Example of Use 2 Example of Use 3
Medical Electronic & Electrical Appliances Robotics
Example of Use 4 Example of Use 5 Example of Use 6

Brand introduction of Support Units

MISUMI, the head office company, has been providing customers with various high-quality parts such as automation parts, mold parts, Support Units, electronic parts, tool• consumables, etc. quickly and accurately since its establishment in Japan in 1963.By compiling product catalogs independently and establishing a marketing system for direct sales of products, a low-cost business operation mode has been created, and by making annual product plans according to customers' opinions andrequirements, MISUMI brand-name products with high quality level have been continuously developed. MISUMI established MISUMI Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. in China in June 2003, and then changed its name to MISUMI (China) PrecisionMachinery Trading Co., Ltd. in June 2007, with its headquarters in Shanghai. Since the beginning of the stamping die standard parts business, the businesses of FA standard parts, plastic die standard parts and machining tools have beenofficially started successively, and the rapid development of MISUMI in China has won the full support of customers. China's manufacturing industry has unlimited prospects, which is why China's manufacturing industry market has become oneof the most competitive industries in the world. MISUMI's business philosophy came into being - the key to the future development of China's manufacturing industry lies in cost competitiveness, "quality" and "time".

Specification Table
Part Number(Type· Applicable motor flange code)Shaft height hSET Products
(Model of single motor bracket)
(SET model including the motor bracket and the support unit on the fixed side)
(SET model including the motor bracket, the support unit on the fixed side, and the support unit on the support side)


Single product TypeSET Products TypeApplicable motor brand Material Surface Treatment
Only Motor BracketsIncluding
· Motor bracket
· Support unit on the fixed side
· Motor bracket
· Support unit on the fixed side
· Support unit on the support side
E-TBMDE-TBMD-SE-TBMD-SETMISUMI Economy Series Oriental Motor Leadshine FullingA6061Clear Anodized
Motor models and specifications may change. Please confirm via the motor specifications of various brands.

Part Number 

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Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to ShipShaft Dia. d
Applicable Motor Series Shaft Height h
Type Motor Bracket Model Fixed Side Support Unit Model Support Side Support Unit Model

₹ 2,201.21

1 Piece(s) Available Same day -42 Series22Single Product---

₹ 4,511.83

1 Piece(s) Available 1 Day(s) 1042 Series22SET Product (including motor bracket and fixed side screw support unit)E-TBMD42-22C-TBK10-

₹ 5,521.85

1 Piece(s) Available 1 Day(s) 1042 Series22SET Product (including motor bracket, fixed side screw support unit and support side screw support unit)E-TBMD42-22C-TBK10C-TBF10

₹ 2,662.51

1 Piece(s) Available Same day -57 Series30Single Product---

₹ 5,657.78

1 Piece(s) Available 1 Day(s) 1557 Series30SET Product (including motor bracket and fixed side screw support unit)E-TBMD57-30C-TEK15-

₹ 7,004.33

1 Piece(s) Available 1 Day(s) 1557 Series30SET Product (including motor bracket, fixed side screw support unit and support side screw support unit)E-TBMD57-30C-TEK15C-TEF15


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Basic Information

Type Related Components Applicable Motor Brand MISUMI Economy Series Oriental Motor Leadshine Fulling Applicable Motor Types For Stepper Motors

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Question: The material of this product is aluminum alloy. Is it strong enough?
Answer: After testing, the stress generated by the motor at 6,000 revolutions per minute is 19MPa, which is fully sufficient for use considering that the yield strength of aluminum alloy A6061 is 55MPa. In addition, when the motor rotates at 6,000 revolutions per minute, the maximum deformation of the mounting hole of the motor bracket is 0.00206mm, so the deformation will not lead to screw loosening or cause the motor to fall off.
Question: What is the strength grade of the screws used for the motor flange mounting holes of this product?
Answer: There is no problem even with screws of grade 12.9. If you want to use screws of other special specifications or fix the motor in other ways, please contact MISUMI for confirmation.