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Slide Rails Two Step Slide Light load Type(Width:27mm, Steel)

Slide Rails Two Step Slide Light load Type(Width:27mm, Steel)

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Product Description

- Slide Rails Two Step Slide Light Load Type (Width:27mm, Steel), C-SRY27 series from MISUMI.
- This is an economy item; The price is cheaper than the MISUMI standard product.
- The overall length of the slide rail can be selected up to 500 mm.
- The travel length of slide rail can be selected up to 371 mm.
- Rated load of slide rail can be selected up to 234 N (When using two pieces).

Product Overview of Slide Rails

Slide Rails rail, also known as drawer guide, refers to the hardware connection parts fixed to the equipment or furniture cabinet for in and out of drawer or cabinet board. Slide rail is suitable for connecting the loading and unloading mechanism, filing cabinet, steel drawer and so on.
The steel ball Slide Rails is basically a two-section or three-section metal slide rail. The common one is the structure installed on the side of the drawer (one set on the left and right), which is relatively simple to install and space-saving.

Product Feature of Slide Rails

The steel ball in the structure can make the force spread around, ensure the stability of the drawer in horizontal and vertical directions, and can bear a large weight.
MISUMI new Economy series Slide Rails adopts high-quality high-accuracy steel ball, and high quality mold forming, featuring small resisting force during assembly and operation, long life, and excellent load-bearing capacity.

Specifications Overview of Slide Rails

Specifications Overview

Dimensional Drawing of Slide Rails

Dimensional Drawing

Usage Method of Slide Rails

Usage Method Usage Method

Example Use of Slide Rails

Example of Use

Precautions of Slide Rails

Precautions for use of Slide Rails

When installing linear Slide Rails, install them in parallel with the left and right rails perpendicular to the ground.
Load resistance will be significantly reduced if the installation is bad. When the slide rail is installed in parallel to the ground, the approximate standard of the rated load is 25% (reference value)
The inner Slide Rails is likely to be removed from the outer rail if the load applied exceeds the above reference value, or a load is applied to a gravity position away from the center of the rail when the slide rail is installed in parallel. Please experiment and confirm in advance before using it.


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₹ 956.00

2 Piece(s) Available 7 Day(s) 135200234

₹ 778.70

1 Piece(s) Available Same day 185250216

₹ 1,214.00

2 Piece(s) Available 7 Day(s) 222300207

₹ 1,281.00

2 Piece(s) Available 7 Day(s) 260350189

₹ 1,364.00

2 Piece(s) Available 7 Day(s) 297400180

₹ 1,456.00

2 Piece(s) Available 7 Day(s) 334450162

₹ 1,479.40

1 Piece(s) Available Same day 371500153


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Basic Information

Type Slide Material Steel Rail Qty. Two-Step Slide
Height(mm) 9.5 Width(mm) 27 Surface Treatment Zinc Plating