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Resin Magnetic Catch Two-Way Fixed Type

Resin Magnetic Catch Two-Way Fixed Type

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Product Overview
The resin shell is fixed bidirectionally to more flexibly accommodate various mounting scenarios, and multiple retention forces can be selected. Please select according to the actual situation.
The magnet is wrapped inside to reduce the fragmentation of the magnet caused by collision. The material of adsorption sheet is changed to SUS430 to better reduce the attenuation of magnetic force caused by rusting of the adsorption sheet.
Economy series Magnetic catch Bidirectional fixed force selectable type
Practical magnetic catch supplied at low price.
110310409949 Product Drawings
Product Feature
The mounting holes are suitable for M3 flat head screws.
The magnet material is ferrite.
Specifications Overview
No.Part Number Material
Adsorption plateSUS430

Example of Use
110302520730 Example of Use
                (Economy series) Magnetic catch Example of use

Dimensional Drawing
Economic type Magnetic catch Bidirectional fixed force selectable type Dimension drawing
         Economy series Magnetic catch Bidirectional fixed force selectable type Dimensional drawing
Specification Table
Part NumberRetention force

Part Number 

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Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to ShipRetaining Force, Pull Force
Cover Color

₹ 351.00

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₹ 546.00

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Basic Information

Type Magnetic Catches Type Magnet Type Category Square Shape Length (W)(mm) 45
Width(mm) 11.2 Mounting Method Surfacing Installation Hole Dia. (d)(mm) 4
Magnet Square Mounting Surface D Catch Plate Provided Operating Environment Dust Resistant
Body Material Polypropylene Main Body Surface Treatment Not Provided Attraction Plate Material SUS430
Magnet Material Ferrite Magnet Surface Treatment Not Provided Max. Overall Height when Locked(mm) 15
Type Magnetic Button

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Question: How long is the economy series magnetic catch, bidirectional fixed force selectable type?
Answer: Economy series Magnetic catch Bidirectional fixed force selectable type Standard items.
Question: What is the difference between C-MGCEN and C-MGCBN?
Answer: The two products are both magnetic catches, but their installation methods are different. The C-MGCEN series products can be fixed without trace by adjusting the position of the female end, while the C-MGCBN series needs to be embedded to achieve the same effect.