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Ball Rollers Compact, Press Fit Type

Ball Rollers Compact, Press Fit Type
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Product Description

- Compact Press Fit Type Ball Rollers, C-SSPF, C-SSPN from MISUMI.
- This is an economical option with a lower price compared to the MISUMI standard product.
- This product supports the load through the small steel ball bearing surface arranged on the circumference. As a result, it can accommodate a higher number of small steel balls to bear the load and distribute it more effectively.
- It is recommended to use H7 tolerance for the press-fit type mounting holes.
- The load capacity of the ball transfer can be selected up to 330 N.

Ball Rollers Product Overview

Ball Rollers refers to the transmission device on the automation production line on the conveyor belt, and is a very important metal part of the automated assembly line.
It is made of integral steel and stainless steel, and the automatic operation of the assembly line is not easy to rust when exposed to air, and the conveyed products move on the assembly line.
It is an accessory to the automated assembly line, and the high precision ball roller has very standard precision, which is easy to replace even if it is damaged.

Ball Rollers Product Feature

Product Feature

Product Feature

Ball Rollers Dimensional Drawing

Ball Rollers Product Drawings (Unit: mm)
Dimensional Drawing

Ball Rollers Example of Use

Example of Use Example of Use
Example of using Ball Rollers on loading trolleys for changing molds.
The ball roller can rotate in all directions, so it is suitable for the purpose of changing the conveying direction and rotating the work table.
When using ball rollers, take measures to prevent the conveyed objects from falling.
MISUMI products can be used for a variety of purposes according to the customer's creativity.
Ball Rollers supporting position adjustable mechanism
Mechanism for adjusting the supporting position of the ball roller for fixing the workpiece according to the specifications of the workpiece.
Use other components to fix the workpiece conveyed by the conveyor to prevent vibration.
(Thinner workpiece can suppress resonance due to conveyor power)
Example of Use Example of Use
Workpiece insertion shaft mechanism
Mount the Ball Rollers to reduce the insertion load
Reduce the insertion load when fixing heavy workpieces on shaft
Turntable for adhesion
A manual mechanism for adhering the resin shell and the outer periphery of the resin cover while rotating the turntable.

Ball Rollers Usage Method

Usage Method

Ball Rollers Material Table

Type Material
①Body ②Spacer ③Main Ball ④Sub Ball

Ball Rollers Specification Table

Part Number
Part Number D F S H T Load Capacity N (kgf)
Type d
12 18 23 2.5 15.5 7.3 44(4.5)
15 24 31 4.5 21 10 49.6(5)
19 30 37 4.5 26 10 274(28)
22 36 44.6 4 31 9.8 330(34)
Part Number D h1 H Load Capacity N (kgf)
Type d
8 15 10.9 13.6 44(4.5)
10 16 8.5 12.5 49.6(5)
12 22 13.5 17 274(28)
15 24 14 20 330(34)
It is recommended that H7 tolerance is used for the press-fit type mounting holes.

Material Table
Type Material
①Body②Spacer③Main Ball④Sub Ball

Specification Table
Part Number
Part NumberDFSHTLoad Capacity N (kgf)
Part NumberDh1HLoad Capacity N (kgf)
It is recommended that H7 tolerance is used for the press-fit type mounting holes.

Part Number 

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Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to ShipShape Load Capacity Range
Load Capacity
Body Material O.D.

₹ 305.00

1 Piece(s) Available Same day [Flange] Flange20.1~50.044 (4.5)[Steel] Steel18

₹ 336.00

1 Piece(s) Available Same day [Flange] Flange20.1~50.049.6 (5)[Steel] Steel24

₹ 421.00

1 Piece(s) Available Same day [Flange] Flange100.1~500.0274 (28)[Steel] Steel30

₹ 500.00

1 Piece(s) Available Same day [Flange] Flange100.1~500.0330 (34)[Steel] Steel36

₹ 516.00

1 Piece(s) Available Same day [Cylindrical] Cylindrical20.1~50.044 (4.5)[Stainless Steel] Stainless Steel15

₹ 295.00

1 Piece(s) Available Same day [Cylindrical] Cylindrical50.1~100.049.6 (5)[Steel] Steel16

₹ 295.00

1 Piece(s) Available Same day [Cylindrical] Cylindrical100.1~500.0274 (28)[Steel] Steel22

₹ 327.00

1 Piece(s) Available Same day [Cylindrical] Cylindrical100.1~500.0330 (34)[Steel] Steel24


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Basic Information

Type Standard Main Ball Material Steel

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Question: Which types are rollers divided into according to the different installation methods?
Answer: With bearings type, straight type, clamp screw type, keyway type, with shaft type, side screw mounted type, etc.
Question: Which types are rollers divided into according to the different materials?
Answer: Urethane rollers, rubber rollers, resin rollers, metal rollers, steel ball rollers, etc.
Question: What are the shapes of steel ball rollers?
Answer: Hex head stud, round threaded stud, flanged type, cylindrical type, fixing screw type, module type, etc.
Question: What is the maximum length of a MISUMI roller bar currently possible?
Answer: 1153mm
Question: How long can a roller conveyor (conveyor) be?
Answer: 1295mm
Question: Can the steel ball roller move in multiple directions?
Answer: It can move up, down, left and right freely, and be arbitrarily placed.
Question: If there is dust inside the ball roller, will it become slow?
Answer: The rollers currently equipped with dust removal function have a long service life and do not require frequent maintenance.

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