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Aluminum Frame 8 Series Rectangular 40 × 80 mm 4 Side Slots (KNEFS8-4080-4000)

Aluminum Frame 8 Series Rectangular 40 × 80 mm 4 Side Slots (KNEFS8-4080-4000)
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Product Description

Aluminum Frame 8 Series/ Slot width 10/40x80mm.
Aluminium Profile is a device used to build machine structures, available in various sizes,cross section shapes and with different types of surfaces treatment to choose from.
● Shape : Rectangle.
● Slot width : 10 mm. /1 slot
● Cross-section : 40 mm. X 80 mm.
● Overall length :The size is configurable between 50 to 4000 mm, and the minimum length can be increased by increments 0.5 mm.
● Material : Aluminium grade A6N01SS-T5, A6061SS-T6 Equivalent, A6063S-T5 and A6063S-T6 Equivalent
● Surface treatment: Clear/ Black Anodize, Clear Coating
Used for automatic machine structures in various industries such as automotive industry, electronics industry, etc.

Note that, for some of the types shown here, order might be unable to be received by the MISUMI Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and/or India offices.

Aluminum Extrusion 8 Series/slot width 10/40x80mm:Related Image
Aluminum Extrusion 8 Series/slot width 10/40x80mm:Related Image

Aluminum Extrusion 8 Series/slot width 10/40x80mm:Related Image

[ ! ]Cut surfaces and altered parts are not surface treated.

■8 Series
Aluminum Extrusions with 10mm Slot Width. Applicable to M8 Screws.


Part Number-L

■Configurable Length Extrusions

Type[ M ]Material[ S ]Surface TreatmentPart NumberL
0.5mm Increment
Sectional Area mm2Cross Sectional Moment of Inertia mm4
HFSA6N01SS-T5Clear AnodizeHFS8-408050~40003110919.8x10471.9x104
HFSA6N01SS-T5Black AnodizeHFSB8-408050~40003110919.8x10471.9x104
HFSA6N01SS-T5Clear CoatingCAF8-408050~40003110919.8x10471.9x104
HFSLA6N01SS-T5Clear AnodizeHFSL8-408050~40002.1278513.4x10452.9x104
HFSLA6N01SS-T5Black AnodizeHFSLB8-408050~40002.1278513.4x10452.9x104
EFSA6N01SS-T5Clear AnodizeEFS8-408050~40002.79103419.9x10472.6x104
EFSA6N01SS-T5Black AnodizeEFSB8-408050~40002.79103419.9x10472.6x104
GNFSA6063S-T6 EquivalentClear AnodizeGNFS8-408050~40003.62134025.21x10490.87x104
GFSA6061SS-T6 EquivalentClear AnodizeGFS8-408050~40003.62134025.21x10490.87x104
NEFSA6063S-T5Clear AnodizeNEFS8-408050~40002.79103419.9x10472.6x104
NEFSA6063S-T5Black AnodizeNEFSB8-408050~40002.79103419.9x10472.6x104
NFSLA6063S-T5Clear AnodizeNFSL8-408050~40002.1278513.4x10452.9x104

[ ! ]For some product types, up to 6,000mm length is available.
[ ! ]Some extrusions are not applicable. For details, refer to "Information about Non-FA Catalog Standard Product Services" (P.131) and contact the relevant person in charge at MISUMI.
■Fixed Length Extrusion (Effective Length 4000mm, 1000mm)
[ ! ]Part numbers beginning with the character "K" indicate Fixed Length Extrusion.

Type[ M ]Material[ S ]Surface TreatmentPart NumberL
Sectional Area mm2Cross Sectional Moment of Inertia mm4
HFSA6N01SS-T5Clear AnodizeKHFS8-40804000110919.8x10471.9x104
HFSA6N01SS-T5Clear AnodizeKHFS8-40801000110919.8x10471.9x104
HFSA6N01SS-T5Black AnodizeKHFSB8-40804000110919.8x10471.9x104
HFSA6N01SS-T5Clear CoatingKCAF8-40804000110919.8x10471.9x104
HFSLA6N01SS-T5Clear AnodizeKHFSL8-4080400078513.4x10452.9x104
HFSLA6N01SS-T5Black AnodizeKHFSLB8-4080400078513.4x10452.9x104
EFSA6N01SS-T5Clear AnodizeKEFS8-40804000103419.9x10472.6x104
EFSA6N01SS-T5Black AnodizeKEFSB8-40804000103419.9x10472.6x104
GNFSA6063S-T6 EquivalentClear AnodizeKGNFS8-40804000134025.21x10490.87x104
GFSA6061SS-T6 EquivalentClear AnodizeKGFS8-40804000134025.21x10490.87x104
NEFSA6063S-T5Clear AnodizeKNEFS8-40804000103419.9x10472.6x104
NEFSA6063S-T5Black AnodizeKNEFSB8-40804000103419.9x10472.6x104
NFSLA6063S-T5Clear AnodizeKNFSL8-4080400078513.4x10452.9x104

[ ! ]Effective length of 4000mm indicates extrusions with an effective length of 4000mm or more. The actual length including marginal grip is more than 4000mm (several dozen mm). Fixed Length Extrusions must be cut by users thus the exact length cannot be specified.


Aluminum Extrusion 8 Series/slot width 10/40x80mm:Related Image
By using MISUMI's Long Aluminum Frame specification from the following additions, the high structure reassembling is freely possible.
Depending on classifications and sizes, there are some inapplicable frames.
For more information, please read the inapplicable listed on each page description table.
Inside the page description table, the items with "-" mark indicates the inapplicable.
CategoryAlteration NamesCodesExplanationsCatalog Page
Aluminum Frame  Alteration Summary/Chamfer/Part# Labeling ServiceP2-755&756
End TappingEnd Tapping on Center HoleLTP/RTP/TPW
Add tappings on frame ends.P2-757
End Tapping 4 Corner HolesLSP/RSP/SPWP2-768
Specify How to CutPrecision CutSCChange total length tolerance. (L±0.5→L±0.2)
[ ! ]Available only for L≦1500
45 deg CutL_T45/R_T45Cut at 45 deg angle. 
Wrench Access HolesWrench Access Hole at Fixed PositionLWP/RWPAdd wrench access holes at fixed position for blind joints. P2-759&760
Wrench Access Hole at Specified PositionAH/BH/AV/BVAdd wrench access holes at specified position for blind joints.P2-761&762
CounterboresCounterbores at Specified PositionZ6/XA100Add counterbores at specified position. Use the holes for connecting the frames and a table top.P2-763
Holes for Specific Blind Joint TypeD HoleLDH/RDHAdd holes needed for Single Joint connection.P2-764
S HoleLSH/RSHAdd holes needed for pre-assembly double joint connection.P2-765
M HoleLMH/RMHAdd holes needed for post-assembly double joint connection.P2-766
L HoleJLP/KLPAdd holes needed for parallel joint connection. P2-767
Other AlterationsGNFS/GFS Series End TappingLTS/RTS/TSWAdd end tappings on high rigidity frames.P2-768
HFSR Series End TappingLTS/RTS/TSWAdd end tappings needed for adding a protection cover on the end fo HFSR series frame.

Part Number 

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Part Number
Part NumberPriceMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to ShipRoHSExtrusion Type_ Surface Treatment Material L Dimension Fixed, Specified Overall Length L (Effective Length)
Overall Length L

₹ 6,686.00

1 Piece(s) Same day -NEFS (Economy)Clear AnodizeA6063S-T5Stationary4000-


  1. 1

Basic Information

Standard Extrusion Size(mm) 40 Extrusion Size 40x80 Extrusion Series 8 Series
Extrusion Type Rectangle Shape Number of Extrusion Slots 1 Slot x 2 Slots Number of Slotted Surfaces Four-Side Slots
Surface Milled Not Provided Extrusion Size: Width (A)(mm) 40 Extrusion Size: Thickness (T)(mm) 80

Please check the type/dimensions/specifications of the part KNEFS8-4080-4000 in the Aluminum Frame 8 Series Rectangular 40 × 80 mm 4 Side Slots series.

Product variants

Part Number
Part NumberStandard Unit PriceMinimum order quantityVolume DiscountDays to ShipRoHSExtrusion Type_ Surface Treatment Material L Dimension Fixed, Specified Overall Length L (Effective Length)
Overall Length L

₹ 224,910.00

1 Piece(s)Available 6 Day(s) or more 10EFS (Lightweight)Black AnodizeA6N01SS-T5Stationary4000-

₹ 228,195.00

1 Piece(s)Available 6 Day(s) or more 10GFS (High Rigidity)Clear AnodizeA6061SS-T6 EquivalentStationary4000-

₹ 226,195.00

1 Piece(s)Available 6 Day(s) or more -GNFS (High Rigidity, Economy)Clear AnodizeA6063S-T6 EquivalentStationary4000-

₹ 3,948.05

1 Piece(s)Available 6 Day(s) or more -HFS (Standard)Clear AnodizeA6N01SS-T5Stationary1000-

₹ 223,364.00

1 Piece(s)Available 6 Day(s) or more 10NEFS (Economy)Black AnodizeA6063S-T5Stationary4000-

₹ 6,261.00

1 Piece(s) Same day


-NFSL (Lightweight, Economy)Clear AnodizeA6063S-T5Stationary4000-