Quartz Far Infrared Heaters

- Quartz Far Infrared Heaters
[ M ] Materials:
Quartz Tube : Quartz Glass
Heater Cap : Brass + Nickel Plating
Terminal : SUS303
- Reflection Mirror
[ M ] Materials:
Reflection Mirror : A1050
Side Plate : A1050
Holder Mounting Metal Fitting: SS400 + Ni Chrome Plating


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13 Day(s) or more 6100 ~ 200150 ~ 600Heater Only
13 Day(s) or more 6100 ~ 200150 ~ 600Package Sales


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More Information

- The quartz far infrared heater has Nickel-chrome wires wrapped inside the quartz glass tube, which irradiate far infrared ray to the heated objects.
- Although its function is similar to that of far infrared ceramic heaters, compared with ceramic heater it has the features as follows: (1) Rise/Drop in temperature are quick after the power is supplied (2)Relatively broad heat distribution (3) Irradiated heat direction is easily controllable
- The far infrared ray uniformly heats the surface and interior of the object.
- The temperature adjustment can be done by adjusting the distance to the heated object.
- This is a clean heater with little dust scattering. The used quartz tube has excellent chemical resistance.
- By using the reflection mirror, the irradiation direction of far infrared ray can be controlled, and more effective heat radiation can be obtained.
■Notes on Use
- These products are made of glass. Be extremely careful with handling, since it is easy to break.
Turn off the power immediately when broke during operation.
-These products are for horizontal (lateral) use. Not usable in position of vertical (standing positioned) and slant (oblique positioned).
-This heater becomes very hot. It may result in burn injury if touched while light is on or immediately after lights-out.
- The cap part (insulators on both ends of quartz tube) should be used at the temperature lower than 100°C.
- Do not touch the glass tube by bare hand. Sodium from sweat decreases the mechanical strength of quarts tubes.
- Desiccation of the Base and Material
- Baking Finish and Desiccation of the Coat
- Baking (Processing), Dehydration and Desiccation of Food

Because infrared ray heats the object directly through no air, it is more efficient.



Basic Information

Application Workpiece Usage Pattern Single Item Heating Area Material Silica Glass
Infrared Ray Type Quartz Glass Pipe Category Heater Main Body

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