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MISUMI Parts Cleaner


Parts Cleaner MPCL840
- Stubborn stains stick to metal parts such as bearings, chains or pinions.
- Greases stick to metal parts of machines and tools.
- Metal powders on brake pads and discs.
- Other color additives such as paint adhere to metal surfaces
- Cutting oil and cutting chips adhere to the part during machining
- Other types of lubricants such as wax or anti-rust agents on molds

Product​ Pcs.​ Solvent
MPCL840-1 1pcs​ 588/pcs​ 350​​
MPCL840​ 30pcs​ 588/pcs​ 10,000​​

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MISUMI Sticky Mat


Use Application / Product Detail
To use for locking the dust from cart wheels or sole (foot traffic) before enter the clean room or dust free area.

- Used in the factory or clean room entrance​
- Clean Room : High use and replacement frequency​
- Factory Entrance: Normally used to remove dust​​
- 2 major sizes and 30 layers/sheet, easy peeling off​

Product​ Material Adhesive Material​​ Color Width x Length​(inches)​ Thickness​ Layers​/pcs​​​ Price​/pcs​
GSMB-24-36​ LDPE​ Water-based acrylic​​ Blue​​​ 24 x 36​ 30μm​ 30​ Layers​ 350 INR​​​
GSMB-26-45​ LDPE​ Water-based acrylic​​ Blue​​​ 26 x 45​ 30μm​ 30​ Layers​ 470 INR​​​

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Polyurethane Glove Top Fit​

Intended Use
- Handling of precision machine and fine parts​
- Product Control and Quality control

Electrode Wire Copper : Zinc = 60:40

Overlocked Type Glove

- Easy to wear​

- Prevent fraying​

- RoHS Certificate​


Product #​





PUG-PF-BK-S-1​ S​ Black​ 10 pairs 500 INR​
PUG-PF-BK-M-1​​ M Black​ 10 pairs 500 INR​
PUG-PF-BK-L-1​​ L​ Black​ 10 pairs 500 INR​
PUG-TF-W-S-1​ S​ White 10 pairs 500 INR​
PUG-TF-W-M-1​ M​ White 10 pairs 500 INR​
PUG-TF-W-L-1​​ L White 10 pairs 500 INR​

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- Facilitating fast, effective color and material changes of molding machine​
- Effective removal of carbon/color contamination to decrease/prevent defects


Product #​

Usable​ Temperature range

Black Dot​ Removal


Hot​ Runner

Glass​ Fiber


GL2​ 180-330​ Good Good​ Good No​ 14,633 INR​
NEWE​​ 160-300​ Usable Good​ Good No​ 18,292 INR​
NEWEX​ 200-330​ Excellent No use​​ No use​ Yes​ 18,292 INR​​
PT 200-360​ Usable​ Good​ Good No​ 20,421 INR​​
PX2 280-420​​ Good No use​ No use​ Yes​ 25,683 INR​

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