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New industrial cleaning products of MISUMI easily remove stains attached to machine tools, metal equipment, molds. Completely remove grease traces, wax, iron chips, paint on equipment surfaces or metal products. Powerful cleaning power but not damaging objects need cleaning and compliance with regulations RoHS

Sprayer MPCL840 - Detailed product information

High quality industrial cleaners from the Japanese MISUMI brand, with the "Reverse Spray" function. Spraying even when the tank is in reverse position makes it easy to use without interruption. Powerful and quick-drying cleaning product.

Cleaning function:
• Stubborn stains stick to metal parts such as bearings, chains or pinions.
• Greases stick to metal parts of machines and tools.
• Metal powders on brake pads and discs.
• Other color additives such as paint adhere to metal surfaces
• Cutting oil and cutting chips adhere to the part during machining
• Other types of lubricants such as wax or anti-rust agents on molds

Sprayer MPCL840 - Detailed product information

Main ingredient Ratio
ETHANOL 10-20%
LPG 20-30%
CO2 1-4%

Compare Misumi Parts Cleaner and other brands

SKU Part Name Price (INR) Day to ship Quantity Price of 1 bottle Capacity
MPCL840-1 Parts Cleaner 350 1 Day 1 Bottle 350 840 ml
MPCL840 Parts Cleaner 10,000 1 Day 30 Bottle / Cartoon 333 840 ml

Buy 30 bottles package, Save 320K INR (= 10K / bottle)

*Please check the technical information, price and delivery date on the MISUMI website

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Check the actual efficiency:

1. Eliminate oil adhesion

Test method:
• Test with laboratory tray (20cm x 15cm) with lots of machine oil
• Proceed to spray MPCL840 solution for 6 seconds
• Oil is easily removed within 1 second

2. Paint remover, compare effectiveness with chemicals of other brands

Test method:
• Check with laboratory tray (20cm x 15cm) painted
• Spray MPCL840 and other cleaning products with the same amount of time
• Coatings are easily removed
• MPCL840 for surface to be cleaned twice as wide

• MPCL840 (MISUMI) : Spray 1 time x 2 seconds [Picture on the left]
• Other brand products: Spray 2 times x 4 seconds [Picture on the right]

Paint remover, compare effectiveness with chemicals of other brands

3. Remove stains, compare effectiveness with chemicals of other brands

Test method:
• Spray MPCL840 chemicals and 1 other brand products into the test tray (without coating)
• Compare the remaining sprays. After drying to the naked eye
• Both products leave behind a white round stain from the cleaning spray
• However, MPCL840 (MISUMI) is almost invisible for white stains from cleaning sprays

• MPCL840 Spray is transparent, colorless and almost no stains after drying

Remove stains, compare effectiveness with chemicals of other brands

User manual

• Spray the area, the surface of machinery and equipment you want to clean
• Use with a washcloth with stubborn stains
• Avoid using in areas with flammable high temperatures such as areas near flames, sparks
• Should be used in a well ventilated area
• Should spray when the tank is in a vertical position, should not use when the Bottle is horizontal or inclined bottle because cleaning solvent may not flow with the spray air.
• Please read the safety data sheet (SDS) precautions before use.


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